A couple of weeks ago we made a post about the strongest Barrens-inspired Wild decks and were asked to list the absolute best decks as well. That day has finally arrived! We'll take a look at HSReplay's data to see what are the strongest decks for each class at the moment.

DISCLAIMER: All stats mentioned were correct at the time of writing. Data was taken from Diamond to Legend post-nerfs.

Aggro Paladin

You cannot outrun Uther at the moment. This straight-up aggressive Paladin list sits on the top with 67% winrate, followed by similar Handbuff lists that we showcased last time. Blizz plz nerf Crabrider, I'm getting so damn tired seeing it on turn 2 against every Paladin ever...

Pain Zoolock

While most Zoolocks are found at 60-58% winrates, this outlier has reached the 65% line. The list contains some curious card choices like Tamsin Roame, as well as plenty of one-of inclusions.

Odd Demon Hunter

Another list that leaves its brethren far behind. Unlike most lists, this deck is sporting two Horde Operatives - is that the Secret to success?

Secret Mage

Even though APM Flamewaker is fun and interactive, the stats are showing Secret Mages as far as the eye can see. Ancient Mysteries is almost an auto-include in all lists outside this one.

Rush Warrior

This one puzzles me. The upper end of Warrior decks is Pirates all around, and then this Standard list sits at the top with a 2.5% difference to the next best Warrior deck. Is someone unintentionally queuing on the wrong ladder? Must be a happy accident then, if stats are to be believed.

If you want to see the Pirates, check the post I mentioned in the intro.

Token Druid

This spell-oriented list edges out a handful of minion-centric Aggro Druids to claim the top spot with a nearly 64% winrate. Because there's not much to say about the list, I'll instead tell you that the best Celestial Druid is able to reach 57% winrate.

Murloc Shaman

Murlocs, why did it have to be Murlocs. Barrens was very generous to the archetype and forged it into one of the aggro powerhouses of Wild.

Highlander Priest

This relatively low-curving and fast-drawing list tops the Priest stats. Xyrella doesn't look like an auto-include yet but this list seems to have found success with her.

Kingsbane Pirate Rogue

Some of the new Poisons have found their way to the ultimate Weapon archetype as well. One Quest Rogue comes close to reaching the same 60% winrate this list has, but in general Kingsbane seems to be the more successful strategy at high ranks.

Even Hunter

This deck might be the last of the bunch, but Even it reaches the magical 60% winrate. Short mulligan guide: you kinda want Phase Stalker early on.

Preparing for the Wilds of the Barrens? Arm yourself with some community decks.

Forged something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!