The weekend has arrived along with the last day of August. Our community members have once again been working hard creating decks and writing deck guides. Let's take a closer look at some highly successful and very fun ones for the season's end, shall we?

Quest Jade Druid

Going greener is important in the modern world so dib has put together a legend-worthy list that will help Malfurion guard the nature better than ever with some large green men. You'll be facing less hard choices than before as Ossirian Tear lets you choose both.

Handbuff Paladin

The new 1-Health trio Paladins got in SoU gets to see some play in shaveyou's Paladin, where smallest of minions can become big problems quite quickly.

Highlander Priest

Another legend list from Irini, this time something for the Priest lovers. Archbishop Benedictus will make sure that you won't be the first player to hit fatigue.

Highkeeper Ra Warlock

Asprobourboulis is willing to go to extra lengths in order to summon the great Highkeeper Ra, but he will reward those loyal to him with almost certain instawins.

If you want more Ra decks, MarkMcKz has made one for each class (playable in Standard as well).

Gnomish OTK Warrior

This deck already spent a fair share of time on the front page but when a guide has this much flavor, I just have to mention it. Can't give any promises on JFK's winrate but the funrate should be high.

Still hungry for more? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!