The end of the season is near: only a handful of days are left, then the monthly reset will bring you all the way back to Bronze 10. Were you able to reach Diamond? Or did you hit Legend? Either way, we've got something you might be interesting in! Below, you'll find the 5 top performing decks in the current Standard meta.

While they're all pre-patch contenders, some of them underwent some changes in order to adapt to the nerfs, and here's how they look now. Enjoy!

Token Druid

Token Druid is a deck which excels at punishing unrefined lists: if you happen to not have an answer ready when you need it, then Gibberling and Arbor Up shenanigans are going to crush you with no mercy. Definitely a deck that increased in both popularity and winrate since the last balance patch.

Secret Libram Paladin

It's been a while since the last time we saw Libram Paladin at the top of the meta: not because it was bad, but just because Aggro and Secret Paladin were faster and slightly better, which gives an idea about how broken they were. The deck's game plan hasn't changed much, the only new element is the Secret package to strengthen the early game and thin out the deck in order to hit the good cards faster.

Secret Menagerie Paladin

First Day of School got nerfed, but Secret Paladin quickly adapted to that change and took advantage from the recent buff to N'Zoth, God of the Deep in order to adopt a slower, but more resilient game plan, which now involves beefy minions and late game bombs.

Miracle Rogue

Pretty much the winner of the recent balance changes: while it got weakened in Olgra, Mankrik's Wife, all its competitors received more significant hits, and therefore Valeera has a chance to pull ahead of everyone else - Uther permitting.

Rush Warrior

The nerf to Crabrider hit Rush Warrior too, but in this deck you want to drop the Murloc in the mid-game after a Conditioning (Rank 2) buff in order to gain the control of the board, so the fact that it lost permanent Windfury isn't that big of a deal after all. The deck is still good and is still at the top of the meta.

What are you playing on ladder right now? Are you still working on your climb or are you farming achievements? Let us know in the comments below!