The 20.2.2 patch which released on May 12 and brought us several card balance changes has been out for almost two weeks now - which means the dust refunds are going away! Soon the following cards will no longer be eligible for a full return on your arcane dust:

You should still have over 24 hours to decide whether you'd like to disenchant any remaining copies of these cards that you might own, and get on it if you haven't yet. Sometimes the full dust refunds extend a little longer than officially announced (presumably due to timezones and mobile users receiving their patches slightly later), but there had also been reports in the past when the eligibility period ended sooner than expected. In any case, best not wait until the very last moment!

If you were still planning on buying or opening any packs from the relevant expansions, no better day than today. You might just hit any of the above Commons as your duplicates; maybe even find a Golden version. Just make sure you have enough funds left for the upcoming Mini-Set, which should be right around the corner.

If you are unsure, the best advice is to always disenchant the affected cards and then recraft afterwards if they prove to be necessary for the decks you wish to play. You don't lose out on anything in that scenario, and may even get some of them back from packs, Arena/Duels, or end of season ranked rewards at a later date once refunds no longer apply.

Should you dust the cards?

If you somehow pulled Golden Mankrik, that's the one you should turn to dust without hesitation as the regular version from the Rewards Track stays as free and uncraftable at least for now. 

First Day of School Card ImageCrabrider Card ImageRefreshing Spring Water Card Image

Hysteria Card Image

Quote From Blizzard

Refreshing Spring Water, First Day of School, Hysteria, Crabrider, and Golden Mankrik will be eligible for a full dust refund for two weeks after Patch 20.2.2 goes live.

Have you found yourself with any extra dust as a result of these changes, by owning many extra copies or golden versions of the cards? Still playing the relevant decks and going to hold onto these regardless? Let us know in the comments below!