With all the Wailing Caverns cards now being revealed, it's time to take a look at the flavor text from the set!

Read on for all the flavor text of the new cards and let us know which ones are your favourites in the comments below. Wailing Caverns, the Forged in the Barrens mini-set releases on June 3, 2021.

Wailing Caverns Demon Hunter Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Druid Flavor Text

  • Lady Anacondra - Do you think she got her name before or after she turned into a snake?
  • Deviate Dreadfang - Even with wings, snakes STILL don't have legs.
  • Fangbound Druid - Bound by the law of the fang, these druid floss their teeth twice a day.

Wailing Caverns Hunter Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Mage Flavor Text

  • Shattering Blast - Let's be honest, they weren't going to unfreeze anyway.
  • Frostweave Dungeoneer - It's a woven blanket of ice but surprisingly comforting.
  • Floecaster - His real name is Melvin, but he prefers his friends call him ... ..."Floecaster."

Wailing Caverns Paladin Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Priest Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Rogue Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Shaman Flavor Text

  • Primal Dungeoneer - They wanted a Mature Dungeoneer. Instead they got this.
  • Perpetual Flame - Flame is perpetual.* *Perpetual only applies to current turn.
  • Wailing Vapor - If you have The Vapors, your Humors might be imbalanced.

Wailing Caverns Warlock Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Warrior Flavor Text

Wailing Caverns Neutral Flavor Text