We've got an interesting addition to Hearthstone in its 20.4 patch - a Wild card pack!

We can't confirm the exact contents of the card packs quite yet, but what we do know is that they will also be a part of a special bundle that can vary in size down the road - more on that in a moment. Here is what a Wild card pack looks like:

New Bundles

Nine new card pack bundles have been datamined and they all use the same "custom" logic that some past promotions have used. This means these bundles are going to be tailored to each player, with Blizzard providing you with an opportunity to buy a bundle they think you are most likely to buy. Here are all the bundles that should be arriving:

  • Bob's Bargain - Year of the Phoenix Bundle (10, 20, & 30 Phoenix packs)
  • Bob's Bargain - Wild Bundle (10, 20, & 30 Wild packs)
  • Tavern Special - Forged in the Barrens Bundle (10, 20, & 30 Barrens packs)

Unfortunately, we're unable to determine if any of these bundles are going to have any additional components, such as a legendary card, we only know the number of packs from datamining. Keep in mind though, datamined content is always our best interpretation of the client and is subject to changing.

Another New Pack

Although this one isn't available in the traditional sense since it doesn't have a booster definition in the client, art was added for template "Year of the <x>" packs which could indicate we could see previous Hearthstone years get dedicated card packs in the future. If not past, future for sure!

This pack is very close to the Year of the Phoenix one, its just missing the icon which can be added on top of the pack quite easily and the colors are slightly different.