We've been busy datamining Patch 20.4 and with all the coverage wanted a single place to promote it. Below you'll find links to our coverage of the patch and quick recaps of what to expect.

Do note that at this time the patch is NOT live and is NOT available to download.

Two New Card Backs

We've got two new ranked reward card backs coming - Utgarde Keep & Varian! Click through to see them animated.

Returning Card Backs Include the Diablo Secret Level Card Back

Don't have a cow, man!  We've got the full 94 card back list of the returning Hearthstone card backs which will be available in the shop. This includes the Diablo card back which has been a fan favourite over the years and an Esports card back.

Wild Card Packs

What?! Yep, just like the Standard card pack we saw in Hearthstone's last patch, the new one brings us a Wild card pack that can contain any cards! There's also some new card pack bundles coming.

Speaking of Standard and Wild packs, these also appear to be purchasable like normal packs, no need to wait for bundles.

32 New Achievements Coming

We've got a full list of the new achievements that have been added for Wailing Caverns and more!

Wailing Caverns Golden Cards

Check out all the new golden card images for Wailing Caverns in our dedicated post.