Blizzard has pushed out an update to the Desktop App that gives us a global friends list! Finally!

I had originally spotted some oddity within in early February this year when I saw all my friends from Europe appearing on my list, so seeing this being a real feature now is a pleasant touch from Blizzard. The move allows you to talk to your friends through direct messages, groups, and see what everyone is playing without having to login to different servers. Unfortunately, we still can't play cross-region though.

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Global Friends List is a place for players to engage with their games and connect with each other. Now, we're taking those connections global!

  • Starting June 8, 2021, your friends in Europe, Americas, and Asia will be merged into a global friends list.
  • You can chat, create groups, and see what your friends are playing - all in one place.

Hopefully, Blizzard is working towards unifying some of their games into the system. For us Hearthstone players, it doesn't really make much sense to fragment the player base since latency isn't much of an issue. We could even still have home regions, ladder being separate is nice for esports qualification purposes, but the ability to play with your friends from anywhere would be nice.

If you don't have the update, restart your client.