We're two weeks into the Wailing Caverns mini-set which brought us 35 new cards to experiment with. Thanks to the new cards, and the buffs we saw a month ago, we've seen an evolution of the meta that has brought more life into Elemental Shaman and Deathrattle Demon Hunter which were given support earlier in the year.

Today we've got 5 top deck lists for you to check out and take for a spin on the ladder to continue your June 2021 season climb. We compiled the lists based on some of the top decks seeing play in Diamond and higher ranks using data from HSReplay.net. For deck winrates, check out the deck pages by clicking on the decks below.

Wailing Caverns Face Hunter

Wailing Caverns Spell Druid

Wailing Caverns Elemental Shaman

Wailing Caverns Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Wailing Caverns Rush Warrior