The weekend has arrived as has the new season. Our community members have been sifting through the sands in search of more awesome Wild decks. Let's take a closer look at some of their findings, shall we?

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Anka OTK Rogue

MemeMachine has found an interesting way of utilizing Anka, the Buried with a rather unexpected OTK. At least I wouldn't guess I'm losing to Kobold Sandtroopers when I see Anka being played.

MemeMachine also tinkered with a C'Thun-version of the deck before deciding on Kobold Sandtroopers.

Big Priest

I went there; I'm showcasing Big Priest! I was curious to see if the Barnes-nerf would lead to players dropping him and at least SunburstWolfgang seems to think he's a hindrance rather than helpful at 5-Mana.

Usolando has also put together a Barnes-free list that's also running Colossus of the Moon.

Highlander Mage

I showcased a Chinese Mage deck which had Luna's Pocket Galaxy as its only spell about a month ago, and now escabe has taken things even further, opting to do that with a highlander strategy.

Secret Mage can also be Highlander, as Wendeee has proven.

Quest Druid

Pa1nl0rd thinks Meat Wagon has some Untapped Potential in it. Based on my experience with Summoning Stone, the deck can certainly create some insane board swings.

Esparanta has been tinkering a lot with Highlander Druid, trying out Beast, Even, and Heal variants of the deck.

Ragnaros Shaman

JFK has written another colorful guide for a colorful deck. Shudderwock will armor you up with Ice Cream Peddler's battlecries after Majordomo Executus has turned you into Ragnaros the Firelord.

MalcolmReynolds has also written a Shaman deck guide taking advantage of the Card BBCode custom names we introduced last month.

Still hungry for more? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!