Another month and Hearthstone season has almost gone by. We've had enough time to get used to the addition of all Wailing Caverns cards - to the point that it's become fashionable again to complain about whatever might be stale, overpowered, or otherwise Priest-flavored in the current Standard meta (even if the inside data seems to praise Hunter as the top dog). 

While we await the news of the next expansion, there is still time to push for your desired final Standard rank and end of season goodies that come with it - including this month's Shamrock n' Roll card back.

Whether you decide to brave the summer weather outside with your mobile device of choice close by or try to hide from the overwhelming evil heat indoors, here is our look at the current hot decks that might help secure some games. 

The following data is based on stats through Diamond and Legend, though it's safe to say you will find a very similar spread of classes also at Gold/Platinum and lower ranks - largely with the exception of Priest. You can have a look at precise deck winrates by following the links to their deck pages.


It's quite a common occurrence on the Standard ladder to queue into several Shaman decks in a row - such is the continuing resurgence of the class and its standing as the 'new Paladin' of the meta. Elementals still lead the way, with different legendaries competing for their own spot. Be it Instructor Fireheart and Bru'kan, or Al'Akir the Windlord vs Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. Most recently, Inara Stormcrash has found her way even into this variant.

Not nearly as popular but still hanging in there (while trying to hunt down those pesky Priests and other slower decks) are a few variations on the so called 'Aggro Shaman'. Doomhammer is the MVP here, either surrounded by a fuller Elemental package or a different assortment of burn related cards. 


Good ol' (or bad, depending where your sympathies lie) way to hit them where it hurts. It has its weaker matchups, but as long as there are enough decks it can prey on - that Shaman popularity sure helps - Hunter can thrive well enough. Nothing terribly inventive here: some prefer the addition of Wriggling Horror, others lean towards their extra aggressive Knife Vendor. Or even find room for Moonfang

Demon Hunter

Remains popular with its sticky playstyle and packing that final punch through Illidari Inquisitor. There are several versions where the differences are only a matter of a few cards, so you could find your own based on what you like better or happen to have in your collection: Felsteel Executioner is often seen against Priests, Ace Hunter Kreen and Kurtrus Ashfallen as an all-rounder tech, or Al'ar and Vectus for even more greed. 


The power of trees (or gibberers, or otherwise tokens) is as sturdy as ever. It's the kind of deck that can win against just about anything with a great early hand, and can withstand a lot if the opposing player fails to keep their board in check. But it's also the kind of deck that can defeat itself when draws don't align. Guidance has been more popular again as of late, and it often becomes a question of whether to cut a copy or two of Soul of the Forest or Pride's Fury

We used to call this one a Clown Druid, and that greedier version is still out there (with the full package of Carnival Clown, Survival of the Fittest, and even Y'Shaarj, the Defiler). But we've also been seeing this slightly leaner version finding some success as of late. It's not as prone to early aggression and terribly clunky hands, even if that can still happen without convenient timely ramp. 


Holding steady on its own Mountain Rushmore, this one has been with us for a while now. There is a choice here to go further for Frenzy synergies by adding Stonemaul Anchorman and Overlord Saurfang, or by throwing away Kresh, Lord of Turtling and Warmaul Challenger to tech in Mutanus the Devourer and another Tent Trasher


Finally, the one most everyone loves to hate. Or just hate hate. The playstyle that can understandably suppress your willpower and the ability to play Hearthstone, it's actually not that popular outside of Legend ranks. Regardless, the deck has that potential to withstand anything you throw at it. If weapons bother you, tech in Acidic Swamp Ooze. If in fear of wide boards, another Condemn (Rank 1) might be the answer (if you don't discover it anyway). Silly things happen when people add C'Thun, the Shattered just to take over the mirror matchup. 


For what it's worth, Miracle Rogue holds its spot as a deck that isn't particularly great or particularly terrible against the field. So while nothing new, a skilled player who likes it could navigate above that 50% winrate. As for Spell Mage, it's not nearly as solid as it was - unless your goal is just to try to punish some Priests. 

Warlock as often goes by without a greater mention, and Paladin... actually some people are trying to play a modified Libram version. But we will have to see whether anything there actually takes hold. 

Have anything else to share that you think is a reasonably good choice for ladder climbing right now, or any secret tech to strengthen the current decks? Tell us in the comments or drop a link to the lists