It was just a couple of weeks ago when we witnessed a historic first in Hearthstone: banning a constructed format card in the form of Stealer of Souls from being accessible for the Wild mode deckbuilding. We've seen bans before in Arena and more recently with Duels, and we know they can be imperfect (while Discover mechanic and various card generation loopholes exist, they remain inherently unpredictable). But this set a different kind of precedent - perhaps one that we might revisit again in the future when a simple nerf doesn't make as much sense across the board. 

However, for the dust refund purposes everything operated in the same way as with the actual nerfs - the card was still considered "modified", so its disenchant value has been adjusted to give back the full amount of dust. This window of opportunity should be closing with the end of this month, so now it's the final chance to take a peek at your collection and pull that trigger if necessary.

Stealer of Souls Card Image

Quote From Blizzard

Stealer of Souls will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the 20.4.2 patch goes live.

If you bought the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set, then you already had those 2 copies of Stealer of Souls to do away with. And it's possible you might've picked up even more from any Forged in the Barrens or Standard type packs. 

The card hasn't made any great impact on the Standard format, so it should be a simple call. If things change with the upcoming expansion, recrafting is easy (if you don't pull any new copies from your packs by then). Otherwise we can enjoy an extra handful of dust to play with.

Note that depending on your timezone and region of choice the dust refund might still be active by the time Ranked end of season rewards become available - and that means Barrens packs and a number of Rare cards. If you by chance hit any Stealer of Souls, keep that in mind!