Good news everyone! One of the disappointing parts of Battlegrounds is being solved in an upcoming game update. The patch is going to make new heroes always appear in Battlegrounds lobbies which should increase your chances in seeing them not only in your own pool, but in play to begin with.

The change was announced on Twitter by Alec Dawson this morning and he also didn't stop there because he just had to tease us. This will not be the only change to Battlegrounds coming in 21.2, there are a a "BUNCH" of additional changes coming in the same update.

That means its prediction time - what other Battlegrounds changes do you think we could see? Perhaps more quality of life updates like the one change described above? Let us know in the comments below!

Patch 21.2 does not yet have a release date but historically, the *.2 updates arrive around a month into a new expansion so seeing these changes in September seems likely. Nothing has been confirmed by Blizzard though so don't hold us to that!

Quote From Alec Dawson

I PLAY ONE GAME OFF STREAM… Never going to get a Kurtrus game for stream am I? Cat all over again…

@Slysssa This feels like such a huge flaw to me for new Battlegrounds content. I'd love to dip into the mode to showcase the new stuff, but I can't just concede on stream for an hour until I find a new hero.

@Slysssa I don't know what the solution is without messing up hero pools, but surely there's some way to make it more feasible to find new stuff. Maybe more new heroes at once, allow duplicate heroes for a week with an offering bonus, something like that maybe.

@RegisKillbin @Slysssa In a future patch, new heroes will be guaranteed to show up in the lobby for 2 weeks. (Source)

@GW_Alec @Slysssa Now that's spicy, haha. Very cool news!

@RegisKillbin @Slysssa In 21.2, along with a BUNCH of other BGs changes. (Source)