Hearthstone's Alec Dawson shared some more details on the major update coming to Battlegrounds in the United in Stormwind expansion. The overhaul was announced almost two weeks ago and should be the first major patch to arrive after United in Stormwind hits Hearthstone on August 3. Although no new cards or design details have been confirmed yet, Alec was able to share a few important bits of news.

  • There will be around 35 new minions added to Battlegrounds.
  • Most tribes will see 4-5 new minions with the same number of minions leaving the pool.
  • The goal is to keep the game familiar yet fresh. You can still use your exist Battlegrounds knowledge!

Previously, Blizzard had stated the number of minions was going to be over 30, so knowing we can expect closer to 35 is a promising shakeup.

We can expect all the new minions to help carry each tribe into their new fantasies, so it sounds like 4-5 minions being swapped out should help out quite a bit with this goal. Pirates will have a bigger emphasis on amassing gold and treasure, but we're still in the dark for the rest of the tribes. 

Quote From Alec Dawson

Beginning to enter design lock on our Battlegrounds 21.2 patch. While we originally announced around 25 new minions, that number will actually end up closer to 35. Most minion types will see 4-5 new inclusions and a near equal amount of minions exiting. 1/3 (Source)

Going to be a big shakeup though our aim is to keep the pillars/core patterns of each minion type intact. Fresh but familiar, that's our internal saying. It's a tough balance, want the set to allow players to use their built up BGs knowledge as well as find new compositions. 2/3 (Source)

Thought I would share some details as I'm going through the sheet and admiring the work the team did. Big ups to @Chakki_HS, @DCalkosz, and recently @puffinplays on this one. We'll have more to say a few weeks after the launch of United in Stormwind. 3/3 (Source)