Update: PC Gamer's reveal has been moved to 6 hours after the reveal stream on Monday.

Blizzard has removed their remaining card reveals leading up to the reveal stream. This was somewhat expected considering we saw Blizzard's reveals yesterday removed due to ongoing public disappointment in the company following the California lawsuit against them for discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The removal of Blizzard's own reveals also comes with a few notable community members cancelling their planned reveals. Alliestrasza, Lt. Eddy, and Trump all cancelled their United in Stormwind card reveals after the news broke. This has caused disruption in the card reveal season and with that, more of a spotlight on the lawsuit within the community.

As of posting, there are 5 community card reveals still planned and the final reveal stream appears to be still taking place at the end, though it should be noted they have moved the stream up a day, it now takes place on Monday rather than Tuesday. You can follow along with the card reveal countdown updates over on our United in Stormwind Card Reveal Schedule.

Everyone, before you comment on the situation I'd like to remind you all that we need to keep things civil. I know I don't need to really need to make that comment because the community we've created here on Out of Cards is generally positive, but even we do occasionally have bad actors that appear and you've previously seen us ban folks with bad takes. While there are certainly some frustrations to be had, put things into perspective here; The community missing a few card reveals, delaying them until the card dump, is nothing compared to the discrimination and sexual harassment that has taken place at Activision Blizzard.

Comparing the two is disgusting behaviour and does not belong in our community on Out of Cards and certainly does not belong in the greater Hearthstone and gaming communities. Seeing disgusting comments made on the situation on other websites and seeing them not moderated is those owners continuing to support this hatred and is beyond awful to see.

There is no reason to harass anyone over the lawsuit. No one deserves to be harassed because they are continuing to work at Blizzard, creating content for Blizzard games, or continuing to enjoy Blizzard games. Anyone's continued practice of interacting with the company in any of does not equal standing with Blizzard. Not everyone is in a situation where they can afford to leave their positions purely based on principal and that does not make them a lesser person.

Listen to folks and let their stories by heard. Let the courts take care of Activision Blizzard.

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