The reveal season is nearing its end, and early next week the theorycrafting can truly kick off. Before diving into Stormwind we'll take our usual look at some already-playable Wild decks from our community.

Combo Hunter

If you enjoyed Swizard's Big Beast Hunter from last week's post, you should like the more competitive Gahz'rilla list coming from the same brewery. The deck is not all OTK or bust as it can just do regular Hunter things to win as well.

Quest Rogue

While the nerf revert didn't quite elevate Quest Rogue back to the menace it once was, Rradogs's deck stats show that it's definitely not the weakest alternative out there either.

Taunt Druid

This Druid list originates from Reddit and was shared here by goober99. Greybough has reportedly proven to be a strong addition to the archetype.

Combo Warlock

MarkMcKz has once again managed to get Blizzard's spaghetti code to unravel. This list can grant your Mal'Ganis permanent Stealth while another exploit allows you to play Stealer of Souls in Wild (in a Standard deck).

Evolve Shaman

This last deck comes from Twitter where Corbett advices you to try out this list. No matter the Shaman archetype, the board clear trio Ice Fishing + Toxfin + Firemancer Flurgl seems to be here to stay.

Preparing for the Wilds of the Barrens? Arm yourself with more community decks.

Forged something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!