Although this isn't exactly surprising considering Blizzard has cancelled all their other reveal events due to the ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit, it is great to have confirmation that as of now, there will not be a final card reveal stream for United in Stormwind.

We don't know what is planned at this point. There is supposed to be a client patch tomorrow for the new Battlegrounds hero skins which means that the new cards would be arriving in the same patch. Either we're going to see a random dump in the next 24 hours of the remaining cards or we'll just have to datamine them all - which would be very interesting!

I expect we'll get an announcement at some point today from Blizzard about the fate of the reveals, unless they all appear in half an hour which is when the stream was rescheduled to. Either way, be on the lookout because we'll be covering everything right here on Out of Cards.

I have reached out to Blizzard for comment but a comment was not made in time for posting.