It's been almost two weeks since the small 20.8.2 patch arrived to the relief of many, trying to challenge the powerful reign of Priest and knocking down the early Token Druid blowout turns. And so a few dust refunds for the nerfed cards are nearing their expiration date. No better time for that last search of your collection to see if there is anything relevant still hiding in there. Soon the following cards will no longer grant you the full amount of arcane dust upon disenchanting: 

You should still have most of today in the worst case scenario, possibly more than that (as some previous dust refunds lasted even slightly longer than anticipated) - but it's best not to postpone anything until you forget or the opportunity goes away.

If you were still planning on buying or opening any packs from the relevant expansions (Ashes of Outland for Apotheosis and Renew or Scholomance Academy for Gibberling), best get to it. You might just hit any of the above Commons as your duplicates; maybe even find a Golden version. They can also be found in Year of the Phoenix and Standard packs, so it's worth finishing the current Tavern Brawl and checking your virtual coffers. 

As always, the best advice is to always disenchant the affected cards and then recraft afterwards if they prove to be necessary for the decks you wish to play. You don't lose out on anything in that scenario, and may eventually get them back from any of the packs mentioned above. Plus there is a brand new expansion coming, so who knows what's going to be playable or strong. 

For what it's worth, Renew still tends to be a staple in Priest for the time being. Apotheosis is being seen in some builds, but also being cut or downsized to one copy from others, along with Blademaster Samuro. As for Token Druid, you might still stumble onto a Gibberling or two on ladder, but most pro players seem to have dropped it and moved on to embrace Carnival Clown or Lady Anacondra variants.

Gibberling Card Image Apotheosis Card Image Renew Card Image

Quote From Blizzard
The cards listed above will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the 20.8.2 patch goes live. 

Had any precious golden Commons to part with? Dusted it all off or still holding onto a couple copies to play with?