United in Stormwind is getting close and to celebrate its upcoming release, theorycrafting takes over this weekend! Let's take a look what kind of decks the new cards have inspired for the Wildest of formats.

No questline decks in this one as another theorycraft post dedicated for them is on its way. Stay tuned!

Boar OTKs

Let's start with the card that has inspired a lot of theorycrafting: Elwynn Boar. Multiple community members have shown interest in getting their hands on the Sword of a Thousand Truths - anchorm4n with this Rogue list, Neoguli with a Priest list, Valueslol with a Hunter list, and Zander811 with a Druid list among them.

OTK Mage

The new infinite damage card Ignite creates interesting opportunities, especially in combination with the spell tutor Sanctum Chandler, and this OTK deck from freethinker aims to create a chain of Ignite draws with the help of double Sorcerer's Apprentice. The same new card duo can also be found in frosthearth's Fire-heavy deck with Grand Magus Antonidas as the top end as well as mainmise's Flamewaker TTK Mage.

Even Warlock

Handlock got plenty of support in this expansion, so its no wonder that Kurienno has decided to tinker with Evenlock a bit. Tumbleweedovski has also shared a highlander version of the archetype with even more new cards included.

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Shadow Priest

Who wants to wait until Shadowform or Shadowreaper Anduin to get a damage-dealing Hero Power? Not Spinnenhonig, who has been tinkering with Darkbishop Benedictus and an aggressive Deathrattle list.

Big Rogue

The one to rule them all? The reveal of Sketchy Information got Big Rogue fans drooling as at face value the card seems extremely strong in Wild. This is the list KmemBM will be trying out after the release.

Leaving Stormwind for an adventure in the Wild? Replenish your supplies with more community decks.

Found something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!