This week's Tavern Brawl is one that many players have been asking for since Tavern Brawl was introduced. We've got some of the best decks to share with you!

This week's brawl works as follows.

  • You'll be building a deck including the use of wild cards.
  • You may only use Basic, Common, and Rare cards in your deck.
  • Random effects that generate cards will also only generate cards of those rarities.

With those rules in mind, let us see some easy ways to win!

Secret Mage

For less than the cost of a legendary, you can play with the majority of Mage's secret interactions. We've got Secret cost reduction, Secret drawing, Secret control, and plenty of direct damage.

Annoy your opponent, forcing them to play around your secrets, and then finish things off with the old school cool hot Fireball

Mech Hunter

Face is always the place! We're pulling mechs out of all the corners of Hearthstone that have them so if you disenchanted all those Goblins vs Gnomes cards, we hope you've got a little bit of dust.

Reduce the cost of your cheapo mechs, nothing in this deck costs more than 3 mana, and play with all your fun combos to destroy the opponent.

Combo Priest

For Priests, we've got ourselves a nice little combo train going on with heals, card draw, and the usual Priest control to back us up.

So, what combo are we going for?

Stormwind Knight + Power Word: Shield + Divine Spirit + Divine Spirit + Topsy Turvy = 28 Face Damage.