Hearthstone Dueling in Stormwind - 12-Win Duel Decks to Take to Battle

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The Duels meta is in the very first stages of development, and there's still lots to explore. For this reason, many players are testing and finding success with various strategies: while some are trying to include new tools in already established archetypes, some are testing brand new builds and some others are just memeing it up.

As always, here's a collection of 12-win Duels starting decks across different classes. Enjoy!

In case you missed it, we published another Duels decks article a few days ago, with many other lists to take inspiration from: click the banner below!

If you've had 12 win luck in Duels since the expansion launched, be sure to add them to our site via the deckbuilder and share them in the comments below!

Moreover, if you manage to find even more 12-wins decks (maybe even your own!) and you'd like us to showcase them, please contact us on Twitter at @OutOfCardsHS or @Avalon_OOC or through an in-site ping in Private Message.

Wisezog's 12 Win Token Druid

If you compare it with the Token Druid list we posted the other day, you can clearly see that one is more of a classic iteration of the archetype. However, the final result hasn't changed: u/wisezog was able to get to 12 wins.

The game plan is quite simplee. Make sure to always have cheap units for Harvest Time! to go as wide as possible in no time. While Vibrant Squirrel helps you in this task, the good old Solar Eclipse into Savage Roar/Arbor Up well known by Constructed players is a deadly finisher.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Recycling

Second pool - Greedy Gains

Harvest Time! Card Image Warden's Insight Card Image

Mano's 12 Win Token Deathrattle Druid

What if you take the aggressive part of Token Harvest Time! Druid and you added a valuable late game plan in case you weren't able to close games in the first turns? This may be the exact same thought that went through mano's head when he built this fancy starting deck.

For the early game, you have the usual "egg" units like Runic Egg, Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper which are perfect for early aggression, but that's as far as the similarities go. From that point, Razormane Battleguard is the first of many Taunt cards, most of which also have a Deathrattle for you top end N'Zoth, the Corruptor. An interesting addition is Mo'arg Forgefiend, a new United in Stormwind card which is seeing play in Constructed here and there.

Passive Treasures Suggested

First pool - Hold the Line, Recycling, Rocket Backpacks

Second pool - Cannibalism, Emerald Goggles, Endurance Training, Mummy Magic, Totem of the Dead

Harvest Time! Card Image Warden's Insight Card Image

Ioni_1442's 12 Win Deathrattle Hunter

United in Stormwind's Hunter set was mainly focused on the Hero Power and swarm archetypes, so it is fair to notice how none of the new cards have made the cut in the already well established Deathrattle archetype.

The list is pretty much the same as it was two months ago, and our guess is that it will hardly change without any other card releases (the mini-set, maybe?).

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Meek Mastery

Second pool - Rally the Troops

Death Games Card Image Deathstrider Card Image

TeamAmerica's 12 Win Fire Mage

Let's be honest: TeamAmerica created this starting deck as a meme, and said it was a hit-or-miss whether he got offered Flame Waves or not. In the end, he did get that Passive Treasure and managed to get to 12 wins, but he was quite surprised himself.

We suggest you to take this starting deck with a grain of salt: if you mana to highroll, the payoff will be more than relevant (in fact, Flame Waves got recently buffed: it now deals 2 damage to all enemies per each Fire spell casted that turn, up from 1), but if you miss, you'll not have a great run. Play at your own risk!

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Rhonin's Scrying Orb

Second pool - Flame Waves

Wyrm Bolt Card Image Embercaster Card Image

TeamAmerica's 12 Win Miracle Shadow Priest

Another take on Miracle Priest, which right now really feels to be the big elephant in the room. If we compare it to the one we featured in the Duels article, we can notice that TeamAmerica opted for more of a direct damage game plan, with Void Shard coming in for Power Word: Shield and Venomous Scorpid for Lyra the Sunshard.

Either way, if you manage to pick Priest you're pretty much guaranteed to have an at the very least decent run.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Open the Doorways

Second pool - Party Replacement

Mind Tether Card Image Shadow Word: Void Card Image

Karasawa1600's 12 Win Murloc Shaman

Another list that stayed the same and does not feature any cards from United in Stormwind or Kobolds & Catacombs. Pretty much just Elementals and Murlocs playing with an efficient curve, no floating mana, and solid boards built throughout the first few turns. For this reason, any mana-cheating or Battlecry-related Passive Treasures are what you need. 

There isn't much else to say other than suggesting you to hit your opponents in the fact as hard and fast as you can.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Rally the Troops

Ferocious Flurry Card Image Payload Totem Specialist Card Image

Oxy35773391's 12 Win Control Warlock

Listen: Royal Librarian is a Stormwind card, and therefore we can say that this deck changed with the set addition. On the other hand, the archetype's functioning is still the same: you want to wear out your opponents while controlling your life total through Soul Fragments and then close out games with your heavy hitters: Soulciologist Malicia, Mutanus the Devourer and Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. Loatheb is none other than another solid counter against spells-heavy classes like Priest.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Meek Mastery

Second pool - Emerald Goggles

Soulcial Studies Card Image Demonizer Card Image

Dsorrow's 12 Win Pirate Warrior

In this article we'll showcase two different versions of Raid the Docks Pirate Warrior, both of which were obviously brought to 12 wins by their respective creators. This one, in particular, is centered about completing the Quest as soon as possible while pushing lots of damage in the early game.

While United in Stormwind's Harbor Scamp, Cargo Guard and Stormwind Freebooter are part of the very backbone of this archetype, the deck brings back famous (and strong) Pirate units from the past like N'Zoth's First Mate and Bloodsail Cultist.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Rally the Troops

Bruising Card Image Scrapmetal Demolitionist Card Image

Lessthanthree's 12 Win Pirate Frenzy Warrior

Here's the second take we were talking about. While the first list was far more aggressive, this one contains a small Frenzy package made of Stonemaul Anchorman (which is also a Pirate), Kresh, Lord of Turtling and Overlord Saurfang: overall, less fangs and more survivability.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Meek Mastery

Second pool - Party Replacement

Bruising Card Image Auto-Armaments Card Image

Do you like Duels? What are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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    That warlock deck is amazing! I got 12 wins the first time ever!!! I swapped loatheb and mutanus for the Shady Bartender and Travelling Merchant. 


    Meek mastery just killed everyone haha. 400 gold and 2 packs!

    Here is my list

    Here is the second half of my list

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