Another fresh day in Stormwind, we trust the city has been to your liking so far. Since it's only the beginning of the tour, there is still a lot of wealth to discover. Who knows what else might await us (just stay away from that suspicious cheese merchant).  

Yesterday we took a closer look at a fair number of early Legend decks that have been gaining some traction, with the aim of representation for every class; today it's more of a sizeable addendum to cover a few different archetypes and directions, as they seem to be quite worthwhile (there is always more to find). No drastic changes, the points made before stand. If you need any further context, we recommend checking the other deck spotlight first. 

If you've heard the word "solitaire" being used a whole lot to describe this early Hearthstone meta and have been getting a little tired of it, know that you are not alone. Firm decisive statements aside, it's worth keeping in mind the things we don't yet know with not nearly enough solid data out there. And you may even find people enjoying themselves! Hopefully that's been your experience as well. 

Let's see what else is there to consider:

Furyhunter's Lifesteal Quest Demon Hunter

Lifesteal Demon Hunter without Skull of Gul'dan, did you think we would ever see this day? But it's becoming more and more of a common sight, also due to some Chinese influence. Furyhunter was testing this one on stream, and it's worth noting there are several directions you could go with the deck.

Some go heavier on the Tuskpiercer plus Persistent Peddler synergy, others still love the cool style of Glide.  

Viper's Aggro Druid

Viper was quite satisfied with this non-Questline direction, being more aggressive with small minions. And it's been working out for other people as well. 

Capable of taking over the board as quickly as it might run out of cards (unless you land a strong Composting turn). Kodo Mount is earning its keep. Given all the experiences we've had with the Token Druid, everyone should know what to do with the buffs. 

Hattrik's Face Hunter

Defend the Dwarven District got all the early spotlight (from us as well), but a handful of players decided to stick to the proven ways of the good ol' Face Hunter. Such as HattriK, tracking down vulnerable Mages and Warlocks as they dabbled with chasing their Questline completion. At least he was not proud of it. 

Yep, only Aimed Shot comes from this new expansion. Strong as it is. 

Elefanti's Burn Mage

Sorcerer's Gambit is all the rage, but how about a more old-fashioned deck with no Questline and at least a few minions to play with? That's what Elefanti was trying to do, with some results to show for it. But before you become too hopeful, it is fair to note it might not be a superior version. 

Ignite and other Fire spells can definitely benefit from the added spell damage.

LurkerGER's Handbuff Shield Paladin

Slightly fewer divine shields than the other version we were highlighting (alas, poor Annoy-o-Tron), LurkerGER has been climbing to the top with this list, even reporting an impressive 21 win streak. Whoa. 

Once you get a hold of the board with the buffed and sturdy minions, you can pack quite a punch. 

AuRon's Control Priest

If you were hoping the familiar Control Priest is hopelessly stuck at the bottom of the power rankings, AuRon is here to disappoint after claiming the top spot on EU with this list. But as they also note, maybe it is just "giga bait". 

Only a few new additions here (the Questline is still believed to be way too slow in the current meta), so it would take but a few Stormwind packs to catch up. 

D0nkey's Garrote Rogue

The data collector D0nkey has been steadily climbing and iterating with this non-SI:7 list (it started out with a larger Secret package). 

Courtesy of Garrote with a bunch of very familiar cards and a dash of spell damage (yes, it does stack with Bleeds). It is a potent mix of Rogue-ish deadliness. 

NoHandsGamer's Quest Warlock

NoHands has been playing a ton of The Demon Seed Warlock, trying out various iterations and offering in-depth explanations about the deck. The following list is from the most recent stream. It's a different take than some of the Stealer of Souls builds we saw (as it doesn't have one). 

Flesh Giants became a consideration, while Soul Rend, Cornelius Roame, and Entitled Customer were put aside. Clearly there are lots of angles to explore here, depending on how the meta shapes up. 

Dmoney's Questline Warrior

Let's not neglect our pirates! Dmoney may not be a huge fan of this early meta, but he did share an early favorite deck. While noting that Kresh, Lord of Turtling and Overlord Saurfang may need to be cut at least for now, if it's becoming difficult to race other decks. So keep that in mind if you wish to give it a try. 

Cult Neophyte to slow down certain spell-heavy decks, and we might consider Mutanus the Devourer an honorary overgrown pirate. 

With all the other lists we were showcasing, this makes for a more extensive overview of the early United in Stormwind meta. I still wouldn't say fully complete, seeing how many variations of these archetypes currently exist. 

There are even Zoo Warlocks trying their chances (with or without The Demon Seed; you can still find Deathrattle Demon Hunters, Rush Warriors or Lady Anacondra Druids (although all these are very similar to their Forged in the Barrens variants). Not many great results for Shaman's Command the Elements or Bolner Hammerbeak, but maybe we will get there yet if our Elemental Overlords deem it so.

We will just have to see what's going on over the weekend. How about your own early experiences and further predictions - anything here worth their salt, do you believe there are even better decklists to challenge the ladder with?