The new expansion has arrived in full force and its impact can easily be seen in Wild as well. Imagine thinking that Questlines would be too slow...

Let's see what our community members have been tinkering with during the first week in Stormwind.

Burgle Rogue

Maestra of the Masquerade allows some fun interactions with the burgle-synergy cards. MrRhapsody plans to change his Neutral cards into those of your masked class with Wyrmrest Purifier before playing a Rogue card and reaping the benefits with Spectral Cutlass and Tess Greymane. Is it burgling if you steal from yourself?

Highlander Demon Hunter

Tumbleweedovski has brought Varian, King of Stormwind and Jace Darkweaver together in this Highlander DH list. Even Countess Ashmore has gotten an invitation to the party.

Don't forget that you can try Varian out "for free" - the card can be disenchanted for full dust (for about a week still, I think) due to it being a Diamond reward of Tavern Pass.

Divine Shield Handbuff Paladin

Third time's the charm? Bolvar Fordragon has returned in yet another form and this time he's doing some serious handbuffing. Alleria plans to take full advantage of the effect and has loaded the deck full of Divine Shielded minions.

Silence Priest

This deck from randomfan shows an alternative way of silencing minions with drawbacks - just turn them into Dragons with Lady Prestor. You'll get some strong tempo plays as the transformed minions will keep their statlines.

ICYMI: Alliestrasza was supposed to reveal Lady Prestor before Blizzard happened, but she has now posted the skit her team had made for the cancelled video on Twitter.

Thief Rogue

Getting annoyed with all the Questline decks out there? Theodrinus has brewed up this list that allows you to steal the rewards of each Questline and beat your opponent with their own stuff.

Leaving Stormwind for an adventure in the Wild? Replenish your supplies with more community decks.

Found something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!