The weekend is here once again, as is our weekly Wild post. Take a break from fighting the Plague Lords with the League of Explorers and check out what our community members have come up with this week!

Dragon-ic Spiteful Druid

Pezman has combined the big spells Druids tend to run with some strong Dragon minions for this fun-looking list. Saviors of Uldum gave Spiteful Summoners a bigger brother in King Phaoris.

OTK Paladin

Something rather unexpected from Dorkpork, as the deck doesn't even contain a natural copy of all of the combo pieces. You'll need to make Zephrys give you Sorcerer's Apprentice, an interaction that has been discussed both on our forums and on Reddit.

Aggro Shaman

If you have no time for games, killanator6000 has a deck for you. This lightning-fast Shaman list will also keep your wallet relatively unharmed, unlike your opponent's face.

Old God Quest Priest

What's better than an Old God in your deck? Why, three Old Gods, of course! The only one that didn't get the invitation to Synesthesy's party has already had its fair share of playtime in Priests.

Heal Druid

You've already forgotten that the first deck of this post was also Druid, right? I just couldn't skip this quite unusual build from JFK. Once again, the deck guide is in story-mode.

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