It's almost October which means time is running out to finish up your ladder grind for September and for us to contemplate where in the world the past 4 weeks has gone. If you haven't won your 5 ranked games yet this month to get your card back, you're in for a warm and soothing bowl of Ramen!

"Fun" fact: My Hearthstone account is broken and I can't login get this month's card back =(

So, let's jump right into those decks! We're going for the highest win rate decks out there in the current post-card balance meta. Decks were found via HSReplay looking at the best available decks from Diamond through Legend.

Aggro Taunt Druid

The current undisputed king of the meta no matter where you look on the ladder. If you can't win against them, join them!

Aside from the fact that Greybough is hilariously frustrating to play against, whose genius idea was it to print Razormane Battleguard and Oracle of Elune anyway? I'm not salty, you're salty.

Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Deathrattle Demon Hunter is easy mode, though reconsider playing this if Druid and Paladin are classes you're seeing a lot of because it does not fare well against them; This absolutely dominates Mages, Rogues, and Priests though. Razorboar and additional cheap Deathrattle cards are essential mulligan targets. Cheat out some minions they said, you'll have fun they said.

Libram Paladin

Libram Paladin has been a personal favourite since the mechanic made its debut in Ashes of Outland a year and a half ago, and time is running out to play around with it in Standard. If we ever see it popular again in the format, Blizzard will surely bring Aldor Attendant, and maybe the other cost-reducing cards, into the core set because I cannot see them printing, or reprinting, the effect onto even more cards. So glad we have a core set now!

If you're looking for cards to keep in your mulligan phase, you really can't go wrong with Aldor Attendant, Knight of Anointment, Murgur Murgurgle, and Alliance Bannerman. Bannerman early is such an incredible card, bless you Hearthstone developers for giving Paladin this insane tool.

Elemental Shaman

This kicks butt against Demon Hunters, Hunters, and Priests, so if you're seeing a lot of those kinds of players where you're at on ladder, this is a perfect deck.

Optionally, you can make this more budget-friendly, by removing Instructor Fireheart and plugging in Menacing Nimbus instead. It'll cut the overall crafting cost of the deck in almost half, and it will have similar success which is awesome.

Face Hunter

My favourite pick. Even though the winrate isn't as high as Druid or Demon Hunter, and its about half as popular on the ladder,  the games have an average playtime below 6 minutes which makes for some excellent speedstone - though let's be real, what isn't fast these days?

What decks have you been having success with after the balance patch? Let us know in the comments below by sharing your lists in our deckbuilder.