Some undeniably strong stuff is being played on both Standard and Wild ladders in the wake of Stormwind's arrival and many of us are already anticipating the card nerfs that were rescheduled to take place early next week. Meanwhile, let's take our usual look at the marvelous creations of our community members.

Astral Druid

A meme-y choice to take for a spin from Swizard. Varian, King of Stormwind is an excellent addition to the deck thanks to the draw ability, and Mo'arg Forgefiend adds to the survival tools and well as N'Zoth resurrect pool.

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Forgefiend has also made its way to SunburstWolfgang's Big Recruit Warrior.

Beast Hunter

Bathala's Hunter list will surely tick your achievement counters up as Rats and their King are swarming the board in full force in this deck.

Galakrond Warlock

A blast from the not-so-distant past from Valueslol in the form of this Galakrond-heavy list. Shady Bartender is a strong addition to an archetype that tends to have a couple of Imp tokens lying around, not to mention the Tradeable-ability should you need that instead.

OTK Priest

MarkMcKz has once again been busy brewing new OTKs, and in addition to some of the more obvious choices he has also managed to come up with combos like this Psyfiend list and Provoke OTK Warrior.

Questline Druid

A less meme-y and more efficient alternative from NebuchadnezzarHS, who has reached Legend with this Questline list. I did not foresee Savagery seeing actual play in good decks. And I think I just disenchanted some extra copies of it, maybe even my golden ones; Blizzard will surely nerf it now.

Bonus: Play It While You Can(?)

While I do like to concentrate on the more unusual lists instead of meta decks in these weekend posts, here are Blackiron's and sense124's takes on two of the top archetypes that Stormwind created in Wild. As both of them, or at least the Warlock one, seem likely to see some adjustments in the upcoming patch (right, Blizzard?), you should try them out now if you wish to witness the ultimate power they offer before it's gone (maybe).

Leaving Stormwind for an adventure in the Wild? Replenish your supplies with more community decks.

Found something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!