Two new bundles of Battlegrounds heroes and bartenders are now available in the Hearthstone shop.

Beauties & Cuties

This bundle is available through October 25.

Miniaturize all the things! Look at some of these absolutely adorbs heroes. A new bartender, Fizzy, is also present in the bundle for $20 USD.

This little Brew Elemental features a special voice interaction when you pick Chenvaala which makes sense considering there is an Elemental connection.

Fizzy Card Image Soggy Yoggy Card Image Pyramellow Card Image Gentleman Shudderwock Card Image

Cuddly Curator Card Image Banana Man Mukla Card Image Cute'Thun Card Image Pet Salon Bigglesworth Card Image

Guardians of Azeroth

This bundle is available through October 25.

Dragonspeaker Bob makes his debut as an alternate bartender in the Guardians of Azeroth bundle. This bartender is possibly the most interesting because it shows that Blizzard may be working on other versions of Bob for each of the different Battlegrounds tribes. This version has a special voice interaction when you pick Sindragosa as your hero.

The other included hero replacement focus on the dragonflights - fitting! You can pick this bundle up for $20 USD as well.

Dragonspeaker Bob Card Image Deathwing the Black Card Image Alexstrasza the Red Card Image Sindragosa the Blue Card Image

Ysera the Green Card Image Nozdormu the Bronze Card Image Malygos the Blue Card Image Renogos Card Image