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We're finally back from our big and epic Adventures in the Forgotten Realms! Taking a long and extensive look at the official Concept Art for Magic's newest Set surely was exciting, but going through a giant mountain of sketches and paintings was probably also quite overwhelming. So, for a change, how about we take a look at something smaller in scope? Much, much smaller, actually!

This week, we'll spotlight a little project by Ivo Campelo da Silva, a Freelance Illustrator from Brazil: Tiny Heroes!

Quote From Ivo Campelo da Silva
Tiny Heroes! Re-imagining the famous (and infamous) characters of Azeroth as small races and creatures of that world!
This is part 1 of 3, with Kobold Rexxar, Mechagnome Uther and Imp Gul'dan!

This one's gonna be short and sweet, so let's get started!

Kobold Rexxar


First, we have Rexxar, a hulking champion of the Horde, turned into a teeny-weeny kobold.
Instead of digging tunnels like many of his brethren, this small guy has put down the pick axe and taken up the bow and arrow to stalk the wilds.


He's truly a big game hunter!

Mechagnome Uther


Next up is this little fella, posing as a pocket-sized Uther Lightbringer.
He has combined the ingenuity of the Mechagnomes with the holy powers of a Paladin,
thus serving justice where ever he can, by swinging a big hammer with a literal iron fist.


A proud defender of the light and huge fan of Micro Mummy.

Imp Gul'Dan



Lastly, here is this tiny and mischievous Imp, striking fear into your heart as a knee-high version of Gul'Dan.
Making pacts with demons usually comes with the high cost of selling your soul for all eternity to these hellish beings.
To him, that was only a small price to pay.


Small in size, huge in evil!

The Artist

If you want to see more from Ivo Campelo da Silva, be sure to check out his ArtStation or follow him on social media!

And that's about it! A short article for some sweet Fan Art. Good things really do come in small packages, don't they?

Did you like it? What tiny hero would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!