HSReplay.net recently released a graphic showcasing the best performing decks in the post-patch meta. If you don't know what to play now that your favorite deck has been nerfed, or if you just want to try out some new builds (a couple of the archetypes you'll see below are in fact 'new' to the top-tier meta), go ahead and netdeck!

Disclaimer: the post-patch meta is clearly yet to be explored, and you should not let Twitter/Reddit screenshot deceive you - even though the nerfs might not have annihilated certain cards from existence, there is not way they'll perform in the same way they did in the past. In the end, people just play what they are familiar with, even if it's slightly less good. Moreover, aggressive lists tend to have the upper hand whenever a nerf patch is released, so please don't scream "Aggro meta once again!", since we have no idea what the game will look like in one week.

Aggro Druid - 59.1% Winrate

Oracle of Elune is such a good card, and a new meta is the right occasion for Aggro Druid to try the new United in Stormwind toys.

Face Hunter - 59.8% Winrate

You can nerf a big component of the best deck in the meta, but face remains the place.

Secret Paladin - 60.8% Winrate

It appears that, at least in the early post-patch meta, nor Conviction (Rank 1) neither Battleground Battlemaster have cared too much about their respective nerfs, and in fact Secret Paladin is still rocking them with an astounding 60.8% winrate.

Quest Shaman - 60.3% Winrate

With less pressure from the combo decks, Quest Shaman has now time to complete each step of Command the Elements and abuse Stormcaller Bru'kan.

Quest Warlock - 59.9% Winrate

Looks like the #1 enemy is still in the game. At least players will have some more time to complete Blightborn Tamsin's achievement.

What decks are you playing right now? Make sure to upload your creations through our in-site deckbuilder and share them with the rest of the community!