It appears that Tian Ding, Hearthstone Data Scientist, really enjoyed the response they received the last time they published data regarding the best performing decks on ladder, so here we are with another batch of archetypes you should definitely play if your goal is climbing all the way to the top.

Unlike last time, we did not receive any confirmation about the criteria used to obtain the data, but we think it is reasonable to assume it is the same - the top 1% of MMR active players in ranked Standard.

We've taken the original image and converted it into a table.

Cluster NameWin %
Aggro Hunter54.0%
Aggro Druid54.0%
Aggro-Shadow Priest53.8%
Questline-Big Warlock53.6%
Fel Demon Hunter52.6%
Secret Paladin51.5%
Poison Rogue51.3%
Questline Shaman51.3%
Elemental Shaman50.4%
Rush Warrior50.1%

Got Lists?

Tian provided us with the top three lists, we've filled in the rest using lists from

Blizzard Verified Best Standard Decks

0 4980 4980 1317 0
0 7460 7460 1226 0

HSReplay Best Standard Decks

0 7900 7900 815 0
0 4040 4040 645 1
0 3760 3760 981 0
0 10000 10000 1760 1