Uh oh, spent too much time fighting those Plague Lords and kinda forgot about Ranked? Or just want to get closer to those sweet 1000 wins alternative hero portraits that just got announced? Don't worry, we've got some excellent decks for quick end-of-the-season ranking up right here, proven to be worth your dust by the unrivaled stats of HSReplay.net. Let the climb begin!

Disclaimer: All stats were true at the time of writing. Data interval of last 7 days was used for the winrates to better reflect the current performance of the decks.

Murloc Shaman (59.8% WR)

Even though Quest Shaman is the most popular deck out there, it's actually their scaly cousins that get the job done faster and cheaper than mere battlecries. Only Warriors can reliably slow down the march of Murlocs, although other classes will start to catch up slightly when going up the ladder.

Mech Paladin (60.1% WR)

I bet you thought this was going to be another Murloc deck, didn't you? This particular Mech madness has surpassed all Murloc decks in winrate during the last week so I'll be gifting the spotlight to it instead. You should be doing decently well with the deck regardless of your rank if you just can keep avoiding those pesky Priests.

Zoolock (59.5% WR)

Seems like Tekahn is slowly starting to find its place in Zoolocks as this deck is the strongest Warlock one within the data interval I chose for the article. It's not one of those self-damage zoos that you see these days, but pretty much the good old Rise of Shadows variant with some extra Lackey synergies. Warrior is the only true nightmare matchup for this one as well.

Highlander Hunter (58.9% WR)

Highlander Hunter keeps being good. In other news, water is still wet. There were some other decklists with slightly better performance during the week's period but I chose this one for the sheer amount of data it has over all ranks. And it has been relentlessly unwavering all the time, not even considering going below 50% against any class at any rank.

Tempo Rogue (58.3% WR)

Did you use all your money on something useful instead of Hearthstone? Shame on you! Well, you can probably try out this super cheap surprise package. While its overall winrate is a meager 51.4% it has been on fire during the last seven days. How long will it last is hard to say though so tread carefully. The data also suggests that moving up the ranks will cause a significant drop in winrate but that's probably not shocking news to anyone.

Tempo Rogue
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