It might've slipped under our radar that previous sunny month (oops, forgive us, o' mighty speed dragon gods) as we were still busy exploring everything new the grand city of Stormwind had to offer - but now we are back once more spreading the word of appreciation in the name of this beautiful bronze dragon. Let's have an appropriately swift celebration, for Nozdormu Day is upon us! 

Nozdormu the Eternal Card Image Noz Quest

Could You Hurry It Up, Please

If you wish to take part in Nozdormu Day, you're in luck because all players can do so for free (the card is part of the Core set):

  • As long as you have one quest slot open come server reset in your region on the 15th of each month, the Nozdormu quest will replace your regular quest of the day. It grants a lot more bonus XP, making it a worthwhile pursuit! 
  • This quest can also be rerolled away for a typical lesser one, if you really can't stand it. But Nozdormu will be very sad.
  • In order to be eligible, simply remove a card from one of your favorite decks and replace it with Nozdormu the Eternal.
  • Queue up for a game with your 'new' deck, in a relevant game mode of choice.  
  • Hopefully encounter another player with Nozdormu in their deck and have fun playing speedstone!

We're recommending that you play decks that aren't reliant on long combos or multiple actions in general. Using minions with basic effects or casting simple spells will do you wonders with maximizing your 15-second turn time. Though, the better you are at adapting to the short periods of thinking, the more mileage you could get out of more 'complicated' decks. But there is still no getting around actual animation times. 

You may want to pick the Casual mode to not only prevent any potential Ranked losses, but to also increase your chances of finding an opponent with Nozdormu the Eternal on the other side of the mirror. It's no fun without a suitable swift partner! Or you could join our cast of the brave and the reckless and keep trying your luck on the actual Standard or Wild ladder. Time efficiency and two birds with one stone - Noz would be proud.

Why is the 15th of Each Month Nozdormu Day?

The 15th of each month is Nozdormu Day because it is a reference to the 15 seconds that each player has to take their turn when Nozdormu is present in both decks.

It comes with the official PlayHearthstone's blessing.

Nozdormu Day Decks for September 2021

We've put together a few Standard decks that may be handy if you are trying to complete the quest while actually attempting to get ahead on ladder or elsewhere. But our dear Nozdormu the Eternal remains very flexible and will fit anywhere you want it to!

We've had this special Noz quest for bonus XP for a couple of months now. Do you keep taking part in either Casual or Ranked every 15th day of the month? Have any deck that is most suitable to be graced by Nozdormu the Eternal? Let us know in the comments if you have managed to queue into any fellow Nozdormu followers!