Just remember folks, everything you see from Out of Cards datamining is subject to change before the launch of Hearthstone Mercenaries. 

We've uncovered pricing information for Hearthstone Mercenaries packs thanks to our datamining of an early access client.

What Are Mercenaries Card Packs?

Much like regular packs, Mercenaries Card Packs contain 5 different items which can be of the following types:

  • Mercenary Cards
    • Allows you to play that Mercenary character in the game.
  • Mercenary Coins
    • Used for crafting Mercenaries or to upgrade Abilities and Equipment.
    • Each Mercenary has their own coin - "Jaina Coins" "Alexstrasza Coins"
  • Mercenary Portraits
    • Cosmetic appearances, "Hero Skins", for your Mercenary characters.

The cards found inside of the packs are unique, you will never find duplicates until you own all Mercenaries of that tier (Rare, Epic, Legendary), at that point you find skins of the same rarity. There are some other rules though with the drop contents.

  • One item in your pack will always be a Mercenaries card.
    • A rarity is rolled on pack opening to determine which rarity of Mercenary you will get. 
    • Once you've collected all Mercenaries of a given rarity, these will instead be guaranteed Portraits for Mercenaries of that rarity.
  • The remaining 4 items can be any of the above item types, including additional Mercenary characters.
    • It is possible to obtain a Mercenary Portrait before the Mercenary itself. You can play with that Portrait as if you owned the base Mercenary.

How Much are Hearthstone Mercenaries Card Packs?

The big reveal! This information may not be final but here's what we can expect for pricing details as of this week.

Because Hearthstone has a global audience, we need to put this into perspective when looking at regular card packs.

We're happy to share that when looking at the Canadian prices of packs, they are equivalent to what you would pay for a regular card pack. 60 Card Packs is $88 CAD, and 60 Mercenaries Card Packs are also $88 CAD. Its nice to see that Blizzard kept the pricing the same between the modes, which finally gives us a better idea of how much the pre-orders are worth.

Are the Hearthstone Mercenaries Pre-Orders Worth It?

Simply put, yes. If you are interested in the new game, you do gain a good boost of content by picking up any of the pre-orders. Now, keep in mind that we still think Blizzard needs to talk more about the mode prior to its launch, so don't go out and give them an interest free loan a month in advance of the mode coming out. Wait and get a better idea of the full picture before making the commitment to purchasing packs for a game no one has been able to play.

Let's look at the bundles that are available for pre-order.

  • Diablo Bundle - $62.99 CAD
    • 50x Mercenaries Packs
    • 1x Diamond Diablo Mercenary Portrait
  • Lich King Bundle - $62.99 CAD
    • 50x Mercenaries Packs
    • 1x Diamond Lich King Mercenary Portrait
  • Sylvanas Bundle - $37.49 CAD
    • 30x Mercenaries Packs
    • 1x Golden Sylvanas Mercenary Portrait

All the bundles have a Legendary Mercenary in them, the name of the bundle, and the portrait included is the default skin.

Normal portraits for these Mercenaries - click on them to view their abilities and equipment.

For the Diablo and Lich King pre-order bundles, with the CAD pricing shown above we can easily see that we're getting an additional 10 packs for the same price, and a Legendary Mercenary character, which like normal Legendary cards, are going to be harder to get than one that is Rare or Epic. With 25% extra packs for the price already being a good deal and the Mercenaries an average opening rate of 20 packs for a Legendary Mercenary, and a Diamond portrait only showing up 10% of the time, its hard to argue with the amazing value - if you care about Diamond cosmetics.

For the Sylvanas pre-order bundle, its a bit harder to make a direct comparison since you cannot purchase 30 packs with a discount. The best we can do is to purchase 15 packs twice which ends up being $50 CAD. We do get a nice 25% discount from that price, which is the amount of extra packs you get on the large Diablo and Lich King pre-orders. However, with Sylvanas we don't get a Diamond portrait and only get to see a Golden version. Legendary Mercenaries have a 30% chance to see a Golden portrait when a portrait is opened, so its not quite as rare as a Diamond portrait would be.

Ultimately, all three bundles have some good value and if after seeing more information about the mode you like what you see, we think it is worth buying the pre-orders.