The upcoming nerfs and especially the Warlock card ban have definitely gained the attention of all Wild players as the meta is bound to shift if a certain Questline gets the biggest hit. Let's take our usual look at some community decks while waiting for next Tuesday's patch.

Mech Paladin

Mech Paladin was one of the strongest decks in Wild not long ago and SunburstWolfgang has proved that the archetype still got it by climbing to Legend with it. Style points should also be awarded thanks to the inclusion of Mimiron's Head.

Dragon Deathrattle Rogue

In case you still have the Nozdormu Day quest lying around, Trimutius has a fun deck to solve that issue with. Deathwing, Dragonlord cannot be replaced for obvious reasons but outside of that you can pick the dragons you want to include quite freely.

Questline Paladin

Swizard just keeps pumping out new decks with excellent guides. This time the less-popular Paladin Questline has found a home in this Silver Hand Recruit-filled list.

Swizard has also updated one older deck guide recently: C'Thun Battlecry Shaman!

Pillager OTK Rogue

This deck shared by goober99 is definitely not the easiest to pilot, but can sometimes create the Spectral Pillager OTK combo seemingly out of nowhere. Your opponent should always get scared when Spirit of the Shark drops on the board.

"Cute" Aggro Druid

Something cute to finish this post with. GetMeowth shared this list on Twitter but did not mention anything about its winrate so take it for a spin at your own risk.

Leaving Stormwind for an adventure in the Wild? Replenish your supplies with more community decks.

Found something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!