The second Grandmasters season of 2021 continued with Week 7 last weekend and for some it was the final week in the elite competitions as relegations took place before the Playoffs next week. You can re-live the action with our spoiler-free post below.

Finalists' Decklists

These were the players that reached the final in each region and the decks they brought for this week.

Finalists' Decklists







AlanC86's Decks

0 3080 3080 69 0
0 8520 8520 157 0
0 6660 6660 196 0

glory's Decks

0 5660 5660 79 0
0 7560 7560 99 0
0 4640 4640 42 0
0 8520 8520 99 0

Felkeine's Decks

0 8720 8720 98 0
0 5280 5280 175 0
0 4640 4640 135 0

Gaby's Decks

0 5660 5660 133 0
0 5840 5840 110 0
0 4580 4580 94 0
0 7760 7760 118 0

DimitriKazov's Decks

killinallday's Decks


Here are the links to individual match VoDs in spoilers below.

Day 1 - Initial Group Decider Matches

Day 1 Match VoDs

———- Asia-Pacific ———-

  • Group A Decider - grr vs lambyseries: VoD
  • Group B Decider - Shaxy vs TIZS: VoD
  • Group C Decider - che0nsu vs Alutemu: VoD
  • Group D Decider - Surrender vs DawN: VoD

———- Europe ———-

  • Group A Decider - Viper vs Frenetic: VoD
  • Group B Decider - Seiko vs Jarla: VoD
  • Group C Decider - Casie vs Floki: VoD
  • Group D Decider - Rdu vs Warma: VoD

———- Americas ———-

  • Group A Decider - lunaloveee vs Rami94: VoD
  • Group B Decider - Eddie vs NoHandsGamer: VoD
  • Group C Decider - Nalguidan vs Eggowaffle: VoD
  • Group D Decider - McBanterFace vs muzzy: VoD

Day 2 - Quarterfinals

The spoiler below uses results from Day 1 games in naming matchups, so watch those first if you want no spoilers!

Day 2 Match VoDs

———- Asia-Pacific ———-

  • Quarterfinal 1 - AlanC86 vs Shaxy: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 2 - posesi vs Surrender: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 3 - glory vs lambyseries: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 4 - Bankyugi vs Alutemu: VoD

———- Europe ———-

  • Quarterfinal 1 - Thijs vs Seiko: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 2 - Felkeine vs Warma: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 3 - J4YOU vs Casie: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 4 - Gaby vs Frenetic: VoD

———- Americas ———-

  • Quarterfinal 1 - DreadEye vs Eddie: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 2 - DimitriKazov vs muzzy: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 3 - Rami94 vs killinallday: VoD
  • Quarterfinal 4 - Fled vs Nalguidan: VoD

Day 3 - Semifinals and Finals

Day 3 Match VoDs

  • Asia-Pacific Semifinal 1: VoD
  • Asia-Pacific Semifinal 2: VoD
  • Asia-Pacific Finals: VoD
  • Europe Semifinal 1: VoD
  • Europe Semifinal 2: VoD
  • Europe Finals: VoD
  • Americas Semifinal 1: VoD
  • Americas Semifinal 2: VoD
  • Americas Finals: VoD


The results in full, including the preceding off-stream games, can be found here.

Asia-Pacific Top 8 Results

Europe Top 8 Results

Americas Top 8 Results


Warlocks returned to the top 3 picks (alongside the usual suspects Rogue and Demon Hunter) in everywhere but APAC where it still landed at the 4th spot. Paladin and Warrior seem to have found a spot in the competitive meta whereas Shaman and Priest are in steep decline (barring APAC where 5 Shamans were still brought). The opinions on Mage differed as the amount of picks ranged from Europe's 8 to APAC's 2. Again, Americas was the only region where all 10 classes saw play.

Result-based Discussion

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the week (especially for Gaby who also broke the previous total points record in style), but the main focus again be in the relegations and a couple of other things.




The winners of Week 7.

Monsanto's lineup for the week raised some eyebrows before any matches had even been played as it consisted of unconventional and seemingly untested decks. His 0-2 record for the week in a group with two relegation candidates did not ease the concerns for competitive integrity as while he had a Playoffs spot guaranteed, the results still had a large impact in the relegation battle. Monsanto tweeted that he tried to be favored against DreadEye's lineup but ended up losing 3-0. In the end, neither of the players who faced him ended up benefiting much from their "extra" points.

We also got more names on the retiring players list as one of the all-time greats Surrender announced leaving GM after this season. As many other retiring players, he cited a loss of passion as one of the main reasons of quitting. The Twitter discussions that followed even got a response from Blizzard who implied to be working on improvements to the current esports system.

Now to the relegation talk. Even before Friday's stream two APAC players, trahison and the retiring blitzchung, were confirmed to get relegated as they both fell to 0-2 defeats in their group. However, a quick return might be in the cards for trahison as he still leads APAC's promotion list. Friday's matches confirmed that DawN's struggles in GM would also come to an end, and a fellow Korean che0nsu would take the fourth relegation spot with an extremely narrow tiebreaker margin to Bankyugi, who just about saved himself by winning his initial group this week. The retiring Taiwanese TIZS also ended at 9 points with the best tiebreaker out of the trio, while the also-retiring Surrender reached the Playoffs, opening up a whopping 6 promotion spots in APAC (should the format stay the same next year).





In Europe Bozzzton shared the fate of getting relegated off-stream, while Floki's loss in Friday left him at the same situation than trahison as he leads the notoriously tough Europe promotion list. Thijs' initial group victory gave him a lifeline to stay in the competition but his loss on Saturday meant that another big name would be leaving Grandmasters after this season. Thijs later tweeted that he would've likely retired had he managed to survive in the competition. Another player facing his fate on Saturday was Warma, who has already been re-promoted once in his career but seems unlikely to repeat the feat this time around.




In Americas CaelesLuna's bright start to his GM career faded off all too quickly as his combined record from the last 5 weeks is just 1 point, earning him the questionable honour of off-stream relegation. Another newly promoted player followed on Friday as Eggowaffle was left with the same points total (7) in the bottom 4. The final two relegations had to wait until Sunday's semifinals where the retiring Eddie's loss meant that he also got relegated while killinallday's victory saved him at the expense of his quarterfinal opponent Rami94, robbing us Rami's celebration survival stream.





For the top 8 players of each region this weekend was a happier one as they'll find themselves in the Playoffs next weekend. You can find the full point standings below or on the official tournament site. Both Casie and NoHandsGamer will be missing the Playoffs by tiebreakers, which is an especially rough outcome for the latter due to the 5-way tie in Americas with only NoHandsGamer being left out.


*The winners of Season 1 start with extra 5 points this season. **Retiring at the end of the season.

Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 comes to an end with Playoffs next week. Don't forget to tune in!