We're approaching the last weekend before patch 21.6 will go live and, with it, Diablo will finally land on Hearthstone Duels, together with the huge balance patch that is going to target a large portion of the currently existing Passive Treasures.

But that's not all: patch 21.6 will also bring us the Deadmines mini-set, and together with it 35 unique new cards will be playable from November 2nd in any game mode. While the reveal season is still up (check here for all the Common cards and here for all the Rare cards revealed), we think that this addition to the card pool will definitely shake up the currently existing meta.

With that said, let's not forget about playing the game. As usual, here below you'll find a handful of 12-win decks achieved with multiple classes, which may give you the inspiration you need to get one yourself. Have fun!

Disclaimer: some decks in this article were collected from Firestone. You can find out more about Firestone and install the app here!

In case you missed them, we published other collections of 12-win Duels starting decks to take inspiration from!

If you've had 12 win luck in Duels since the recent balance changes, be sure to add your starting decks to our site via the deckbuilder and share them in the comments below!

Moreover, if you manage to find even more 12-wins decks (maybe even your own!) and you'd like us to showcase them, please contact us on Twitter at @OutOfCardsHS or @Avalon_OOC or through an in-site ping in Private Message.

Master Duelist

On a last note, we're currently hosting the second episode of a Duels deck building challenge called 'Master Duelist'. This series asks you each time to start a Duels run with a starting deck that respects a certain condition. October's theme is 'Deathly Hallows', and requires you to build a starting deck featuring at least 7 Deathrattle cards.

We already received many submissions, and our competitors have come up with some brilliant ideas to meet the set condition, but we feel like there is a lot more room to explore. In case you want to learn more about the challenge, be sure to check out the challenge's main page as well as the submission thread!

Ferretti's 12 Wins Deathrattle Demon Hunter (Master Duelist 1.3)

The first of out Master Duelist 1.3 featured decks is a Deathrattle Demon Hunter. This archetype, introduced with Forged in the Barrens, is quite popular in Standard, but has yet to achieve a remarkable representation in the Duels meta. Fortunately for us, ferretti went to the drawing board and creating a solid starting deck, with lots of good and synergistic Deathrattles that culminate with the amazing Death Speaker Blackthorn and N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

Another interesting note comes from the Signature Treasure choice, as ferretti went for the not-so-popular Binding Chains, as a way to ensure board dominance against opponents with similar game plans.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Potion of Sparking

Second pool - Mummy Magic

Illidari Strike Card Image Binding Chains Card Image

Shaveyou's 12 Wins Token Deathrattle Hunter (Master Duelist 1.3)

This is absolutely the most unique Master Duelist 1.3 submission we have received. Death Games is a hell of a Hero Power with the right units, but shaveyou decided to leave the meta tools in their collection and went instead down a rather amusing path. In fact, almost everything revolves around The Rat King: the starting deck you see below is filled with token-summoning units, which not only give you Carrot on a Stick value, but also help you to revive da king as fast and as consistent as possible.

Recycling is obviously one of the best Passive Treasures you could possibly get, as it will grant you astounding survivability as, as shaveyou said, will turn "nearly every game into a meat grinder".

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Recycling

Second pool - Meek Mastery

Death Games Card Image Carrot on a Stick Card Image

Fliboce's 12 Wins Arcane Discover Mage

I was just discussing this theorycraft yesterday on Twitter with Fliboce, and even tried it myself a couple times, getting 7 (with the list you see below) and 10 wins (with a small Hero Power package in order to have a solid win condition in the early matches). However, they topped my humble results, and was able to produce a 12er in less than 48 hours - not bad for an underdog archetype!

This starting list focuses on the Arcane Spell School, the third one for Mage together with Fire and Frost, and relies on a Discover package as well as on a Spell Damage one, in order to give you the widest possible range of Tier 1 Passive Treasures that are actually beneficial for you (Arcane Flux, Arcanite Crystal and Open the Doorways just to name the most relevant ones).

If you're interested to know more about this starting deck, you should definitely check out the guide Fliboce wrote on the deck's dedicated page!

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Arcane Flux

 Second pool - Ooops, All Spells!

Wyrm Bolt Card Image Infinite Arcane Card Image

Firestone - 12 Wins Freeze Hero Power Mage

Freeze Mage has been a thing in Duels for quite a while now, but the aggressive meta forced the archetype to find some tech adjustments in order to survive the top dogs and stand a chance against them. For example, we find the Spice Bread Baker inclusion to be extremely clever, as your hand will almost always be large thanks to Frost Shards' Ice Shards, and you'll usually heal for a bunch.

Other than that, Youthful Brewmaster is another cheap Zola the Gorgon that you can use to bounce your valuable Battlecries like Mordresh Fire Eye, Varden Dawngrasp or the aforementioned Baker.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Plaguebringer

Second pool - Meek Mastery

Frost Shards Card Image Infinite Arcane Card Image

BennoFN's 12 Wins Big Paladin (Master Duelist 1.3)

Definitely a different take from the usual From Golden Light Paladin, since BennoFN included a large Deathrattle package to respect Deathly Hallows' deckbuilding restriction, and we dare to say that the results were excellent! I mean, they were able to get to 12 wins while running Stalagg and Feugen: is there anything we can say other than "wow"?

Barrens Trapper, while not being a Deathrattle unit, does help dropping them a lot faster; moreover, Crystal Gem makes your hand a bit lighter, waiting for the usual big Legendaries to come down and close the game for you.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Crystal Gem

Second pool - Disks of Legend

From Golden Light Card Image Royal Greatsword Card Image

Ultrarotom's 12 Wins Divine Shield Paladin

Differently from BennoFN, ultrarotom opted for a more standard approach to From Golden Light Paladin. In particular, he chose the Call to Arms-Rally! package for the early game, and the usual Royal Greatsword win condition to close games. Here are some insights and tips from the player himself!

Quote From ultrarotom

I noticed people are playing Call to Arms Royal Greatsword Paladin instead of the classic Divine Shield spam, so I decided to give it a shot. Turns out CtA and tax cards are amazing.

I tried to make my own build keeping in mind that my deck needs Call to Arms synergy, Divine shield minions and Legendary minions for Royal Greatsword, without being too greedy and focusing on Legendaries that are playable without the weapon.

I put Selfless Sidekick for a better chance of cheating out Royal Greatsword and she carried.

Be careful with the buckets: keep in mind that weapon buckets ruin Selfless Sidekick synergy and that weak Legendaries ruin Royal Greatsword. However, don't pick terrible buckets for the sake of these 2 cards only: focus on overall consistency - just don't ruin your synergy for no reason either.

Passives: Divine Illumination performed better than I expected. I got a bunch of Holy spells and you can get tons of value by pulling more. Emerald Goggles helped me dump my hand and cheat key cards earlier: great passive overall. Pick the Divine Shield ones [Avalon's note: Righteous Reserves and Avenging Armaments] if you get them though.

P.S.: in a later run with the same archetype, ultrarotom included Benevolent Djinn for Rally! and felt like the former is a better inclusion for the deck.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Divine Illumination

Second pool - Disks of Legend

From Golden Light Card Image Royal Greatsword Card Image

Fliboce's 12 Wins Miracle Holy Priest

As much as I personally loathe this archetype, I cannot ignore Fliboce's different take on Miracle Priest. While not completely renouncing on Shadow synergy, the list has a major focus on Holy spells in order to increase its chances to hit Divine Illumination for a steady flow of value throughout the entire game. Fliboce thinks this Passive is so good that

Quote From Fliboce

it's even worth it to play something like Holy Fire instead of Void Shard to get the synergies going. Chaining multiple holy spells via discovery allows this deck to go the distance, and knowing how to work with random discoveries is a big part of the deck's success.

Early games are won with the classic Embrace the Shadow into Flash Heal and Desperate Prayer combo, which every other card in the deck helps you get to, by either stalling or thinning the deck. 

Shadow Word: Void is the single strongest card in the deck and should be kept in the mulligan against most matchups. Other than that, Twilight Deceptor and Holy Smite are safe keeps, as well as Shadow Visions and Thrive in the Shadows for early plays in slower matchups.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Fireshaper

Second pool - Khadgar's Scrying Orb

Mind Tether Card Image Shadow Word: Void Card Image

Firestone - 12 Wins Legendary Warrior

Legendary Rush Warrior is entering the Deadmines mini-set as one of the most powerful decks in the format. The overabundance of class and Neutral Legendaries that the archetype is able to include without losing efficiency makes Disks of Legend even more impactful than in any other class.

In particular, this lists features Alexstrasza the Life-Binder (which disappeared from the meta for the last few weeks) and Lothar, really good in combination with Bruising in order to clear your opponent's board and establish great pressure by sheer stats.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Crystal Gem

Second pool - Disks of Legend

Bruising Card Image Auto-Armaments Card Image

Neo's 12 Wins Rush Legendary Warrior

Down we go to the last featured deck of this pre-mini-set with a starting deck that I personally received via DMs a few days ago by Neo, one of our users.

For what regards the deck itself, here are some facts directly from Neo:

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Potion of Sparking

Second pool - Disks of Legend

Bruising Card Image Scrapmetal Demolitionist Card Image

Do you like Duels? What are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments below!