Something special for this weekend as I've wanted to take a look at HSReplay's data to find out the strongest Stormwind-inspired Wild decks for quite a while but we all know what those decks now that the biggest meta-warper is gone and some new data has been collected, I'll take a selective glance over some new stuff. All data taken from Diamond-Legend, as usual.

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Ignite OTK Mage

The Ignite combo seems to have overthrown the Secret variants (at least so far post-patch) as the strongest Mage archetype out there. The decklist makes it very clear how hard you want to find that Sanctum Chandler.

Secret Tax Paladin

This aggressive list is the best that Stormwind has to offer on high ranks for Uther, combining some Tax Paladin elements with a heavy Secret core. When all else fails, Blessing of Authority something and bonk them with Battleground Battlemaster.

Embiggen Druid

Did someone say "Minions with battlecry cost (2) more"? Aggro Druids are fond of the same disruption than the Paladin list above, but have also taken a page out of their Standard relatives' book with a Taunt package and Composting thrown in the mix.

Pirate Rogue

If the Druid above mimicked the Standard strategy to an extent, this Rogue does quite the opposite. In Standard, Garrote is THE card to finish your opponent whereas this Wild list treats it as additional damage that will be drawn at some point anyway, maybe.

Odd Demon Hunter

The curve of Odd Demon Hunters seems to be going lower and lower with every passing expansion. The just-beyond-51% winrate depicts the duality of the strategy quite well as it will lose all value wars if it doesn't win the face race early.

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