We've added some new support for Hearthstone Mercenaries to the site!

Mercenary Parties

If you're looking for a new party to play with, you should check out our parties database! Just like with decks, everyone in the community is welcome to share their party setups and create guides for them to help others get better at Mercenaries. How would you go about doing that? Well, just head on over to the party builder of course!

It ain't much, but its honest work.

If you want to create a guide for your party, all you need to do is visit your party page and hit your Edit Guide button.

We've also added parties to our homepage via the "deck" widget. Now you can quickly find new parties from the community without the hassle of going to the database. This same widget appears over our our Mercenaries Portal.

Mercenaries Party Builder

A dedicated tool for sharing and saving parties, our Mercenaries Party Builder is now live and ready for you to theorycraft and promote setups.

Within the tool you can select mercenaries and equipment to add to your party. When you're done, you can save your party to the site to share with everyone else or if you just want to show a friend a quick build, you can always copy the URL which will automatically populate the builder when visited.

With the ability to see equipment and abilities in the party builder, it also makes for a nice spot to get more acquainted with the Mercenaries - though you should head on over to our Mercenaries database for the full picture.

Currently, we do not support different tiers of equipment, or abilities, inside of the party builder. We've made the assumption that you're going to be using the highest level available so choosing the initial rank makes sense. You can always create a guide alongside your party to let others know more intricate details about exactly how your parties are setup for the fights at hand.

Mercenaries Portal

Now with less Arena stuff.

We've taken a pass over the Mercenaries Portal to fix a couple of outstanding issues since it was originally ninja-added to the site. We've also made Mercenaries an official "game" on the site so you can quickly access the portal via the Mercenaries link on every page. We'll be adding to this page overtime as Mercenaries matures and we figure out the best type of content and tools that we can make easily accessible.

Since Mercenaries acts like its own game on the site, it also has a custom navigation bar and site header.

Mercenaries Bounties

The Bounty Board in Mercenaries has plenty of tasks for you. Each task, or Bounty, opens up a randomly generated map for you to complete to earn rewards. We've got an entire database filled with Bounties so you can learn more about them and which ones you'll want to target for those sweet Mercenary Coins - each Bounty has certain Mercenaries associated with it which is a way to target farm currencies.

We'll be adding more information to Bounty pages over time as it gets pieced together.

This isn't the end for Out of Cards and Mercenaries. We'll continue working on and improving additional features and content after the game releases on October 12 - later today!