It's a huge day today because the long-awaited Mercenaries game mode is finally going to be released! Alongside today's release we've got plenty of free stuff coming so let's go over that.

Mercenaries Launch Times

Mobile users, expect a launch around 3 hours later than the times below.

What Mercenaries Can I Get For Free?

Completing the Prologue and Introductory Missions will reward you with eight Mercenaries. They are:

Rokara Card Image Tyrande Card Image Blademaster Samuro Card Image Xyrella Card Image

Millhouse Manastorm Card Image Cariel Roame Card Image Cornelius Roame Card Image Grommash Hellscream Card Image

Additional Mercenaries are unlocked by opening Mercenary Card Packs.

Mercenaries Twitch Drops

Watch Hearthstone on Twitch to earn two free Mercenary packs!

Quote From Blizzard

Twitch Drops are back to celebrate the launch of Mercenaries! Watch 2 hours of any Hearthstone stream between 10 a.m. October 15 and 10 p.m. October 17 and you’ll earn a free Mercenaries Pack! Watch two more hours (four total) to earn another! Remember, every Mercenaries Pack comes with at least one new Mercenary until you’ve collected all Mercenaries from that rarity tier, so your collection will grow quickly with those first packs!

Mercenaries Login Bonuses

Blizzard has not officially commented on the login bonuses yet, but here's what we previously datamined.

  • Mercenaries Launch Celebration Reward
    • Here's two free Mercenaries Packs for you!

Logging in also gets you access to a new quest chain that rewards a total of 6 additional Mercenary packs!

All Launch Rewards

It looks like we've got quite a few rewards for the launch of Mercenaries.

  • 10x Mercenary Card Packs
    • 2x from Twitch Drops
    • 2x from Logging In
    • 6x from Legendary Quests
  • 8x Mercenary Heroes (detailed above)

Be warned that all the card packs are only available for a limited time, so act quickly!