The long-awaited new game mode, Hearthstone Mercenaries, is finally here and a lot of people have been spending their time leveling up their characters. That won't stop our usual Wild spotlight though as our community members keep sharing their ideas for fun decks to play.

Don't forget to check out Swizard's new midweek series of Wild decks as well, this time featuring Galakrond Warlock! And don't forget the Twitch Drops for Mercenaries (watch 4 hours of ANY Hearthstone channel during the weekend to get 2 packs).

Tempo Menagerie Warrior

When you can't decide what to play, play a bit everything! The new N'Zoth seems to have returned to the depths as it doesn't appear much on the ladder, but agentmcr has decided to give the Menagerie strategy some love with this Tempo Warrior list.

Squirrel Mill Druid

RegisKillbin visited Wild this week before the Mercs launch and spiced up the regular Mill Druid by replacing the fatigue-preventing Jade Idols with Vibrant Squirrel and Northshire Farmers. You can watch some of the highlights from the video Regis posted.

Conjurer Mage

Many might not remember that Conjurer's Calling's mana cost nerf was reverted upon rotation. MarkMcKz has combined the spell's terrifying combo with Khadgar with the new Goldshire Gnoll and scammed some wins as a result.

Mark's YouTube channel recently hit 50K subscribers, congratulations Mark!

Mark has also been tinkering with an OTK bug between Shek'zara and Garrote as well as sending a message with Two-Faced Investor Questline Priest.

Big Warrior

I have a feeling I've mentioned before how Mo'arg Forgefiend is a pretty decent card for the Big Warrior strategy in both formats, but since Thonson wrote a good guide for this list I'm going to mention it again.

Celestial Giant Druid

Another deck that wants to win through big minions. I somehow managed to not spotlight a Celestial Alignment deck for a couple of weeks but it's Wild after all, so here's BadPlayer's take on how to play a ton of 0-Cost Giants in one turn.

Leaving Stormwind for an adventure in the Wild? Replenish your supplies with more community decks.

Found something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!