Two new deals have arrived for Hearthstone Mercenaries. Check them out and whether or not we think they are worth it down below.

Do note that we aren't going to take simply grinding tasks into account. We're only going to talk about the monetary value.

Legendary Mercenary

The first shop deal today contains a Legendary Mercenary for $5 USD. This is how it works:

  • If you are missing a Legendary Mercenary (no base or skins) you will receive one of those at random.
  • If you own all the Mercenaries, a random Mercenary is rolled.
    • If you own the base skin for that Mercenary, you will receive coins for that Mercenary.
    • If you do not own the base skin for that Mercenary, you will receive that instead.

Is this a good deal? If you are missing a Legendary Mercenary, for sure. We're not too certain about it if you already own all the Legendary Mercenaries already though. Our own Linkblade91, who owns all the Legendary Mercenaries, purchased the bundle to see what would happen. We're happy, maybe, to report that you won't receive any Mercenary skins from the bundle but once you run out of Legendary Mercs, you end up getting 100 Mercenary Coins instead.

The question then becomes, is this $5 bundle for 100 Merc Coins worth it?

When you consider that it takes 500 Mercenary Coins to purchase a single Legendary, we're talking about an exchange rate worse than regular Hearthstone cards. Let me explain. In Hearthstone when you receive a duplicate Legendary card, you can obtain 400 Dust for it. To craft a new Legendary, it takes 1600 Dust. This gives us a ratio of 4:1. In the case of Legendary Mercenaries, "dusting" a Legendary Mercenary has a value that is 20% of its crafting cost, or a 5:1 ratio. That feels a little bad but its also not the full story.

Where this gets fun is you need to then look at the other paid way of obtaining Mercenary Coins, and that is through Mercenary Packs. Here's what Blizzard says about rates on coins in packs.

Quote From Blizzard

Mercenary Coins Drop Rates

A pack can contain one or more drops of Mercenary Coins of any Mercenary, and each drop will be in between 35 and 45 coins.

    • Rare Coins: Rare Coins can drop 12 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average
    • Epic Coins: Epic Coins can drop 10 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average
    • Legendary Coins: Legendary Coins can drop 8 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average

With that in mind:

  • A single pack on average will contain 40 coins for a given Mercenary if coins are in that slot.
  • Legendary coins appear in 8 out of 10 packs on average.
    • A single pack's legendary coins value is 80% of the average, or 32 Legendary Merc Coins.

That means it would take opening 3 packs to acquire 100 Legendary Mercenary Coins, on average. Then we need to figure out how expensive a Mercenary Pack is. At their most expensive, you can purchase 2 packs for $3 USD. That gives us a baseline of $1.50 per pack at its most expensive. So 3 packs would cost $4.50 USD, or a whole $0.50 cheaper than buying your 100 coins in the shop.

Now, with that said, RNG is a huge factor in packs, especially when we're just talking averages, so this deal might be worth a bit more than 50 cents.

In conclusion:

  • If you are missing a Legendary Mercenary, this is a great deal.
  • If you are missing a base skin but own each mercenary, then this deal sucks mega trash.
    • Though you may enjoy that it thins out your Merc pool more or that you have a chance at coins at least.
  • If you own all the base skins, I still think its a good deal even if it doesn't feel so great - that 50 cents is the cost of convenience.

Quote From Nicholas 'DeckTech' Weiss

Yeah, sorry that’s not what you wanted, Nate, but this is intended. If you are missing a base, you’ll get that base. After having all base Legendaries, you’d get it auto-converted to coins.

Legendary Coin Purse

The second shop deal gives us Legendary Coins. You'll get 250 Coins for each of three random Legendary Mercenaries. These can also be for Mercenaries you don't own, so depending on how you look at it, this could be your gateway into obtaining a new Mercenary whether you like it or not.

Is this a good deal? I think its safe to call it a good deal, only if you consider the value of the previous bundle. As noted above, if you already own all the Mercenaries and purchase the random Legendary Mercenary, you will receive 100 coins for that random Mercenary. That puts the value of the coin purse deal at $5 for each 100 Coins, of which there are 750. We did the math and it ends up being worth $37.50 USD.

Seeing as how it is an $8 bundle, that's an extra $29.50 worth of value. Worth it? Yeah!