You have to give me points for trying!

Blizzard has released two new Mercenaries bundles today, and for Canadians who are already having a rough enough time with their dollar value compared to the folks south of them, they're in for a wild ride. Let's check out the two new bundles and then talk about the pricing error.

Epic Coin Purse

For $3.75 CAD, or $2.99 USD, you can purchase the Epic Coin Purse which contains a total of 600 Coins for Epic Mercenaries. They will be split up into three bundles of 200 Coins a piece, so you can get coins for up to 3 random Epic Mercenaries.

Quote From Blizzard

An Epic Coin Collection!
Invigorate your collection with 200 Mercenary Coins for each of three random Epic Mercenaries! Use them to craft new Mercenaries or strengthen Mercs you already own.

Legendary Mercenary Mega Bundle

We've got another bundle that focuses on Legendary Mercenaries. This time around you'll be getting the following for $29.99 USD:

  • 30 Mercenary Packs
  • 2 Random Legendary Mercenaries

Quote From Blizzard

A Massive Party!
This Legendary Mega Bundle gives you two random Legendary Mercenaries and 30 Mercenaries packs to add a slew of Mercs to your Collection. With such a long invite list, you'll have plenty of Mercs to choose from when forming your Parties.

More Bundles?

I'm seeing reports there may be bundles available for some people that focus on a specific Mercenary, giving you their card and 10 packs $9.99 USD. There's also reports of an Anduin Coin bundle (or other heroes) that gives you 300 Coins for Anduin for $9.99 USD.

Pricing Error Not In Your Favor!

Canadian Prices for the new Legendary bundle are not correct. Currently, Blizzard is looking for a cool $3,749 CAD for the bundle. I knew this mode was going to be monetized, but not that hard. The bundle's price was fixed 43 minutes after it went live, and is now properly $37.49 CAD.

Oh, nevermind, not a great deal with those taxes.

This is very clearly a pricing error, but it's a funny mistake and shows some severe incompetence so we thought it was worth highlighting. I made an attempt to purchase it, but either the transaction got declined from my bank - though Blizzard did make a temporary $1 attempt against my card - or some internal system realized something was funny with the transaction and didn't want it to go through.

Maybe Bobby doesn't want my money?

Regardless of the funny situation, its a bit nuts at how heavy out the gate Blizzard has been with Mercenaries. We've seen so many bundles so far. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking players to buy stuff - it's not like any of us are forced to do so - but when you throw so many deals at us early on, it does feel a bit like you know the mode doesn't have a lot of staying power for most of your audience so its time to try and suck everyone in for a little bit longer.

Maybe it's a change up in how we can expect future Hearthstone content to be, after all, we have seen more and more deals coming to the constructed side of Hearthstone through the past few expansions. It just feels a bit off when Mercenaries debuted with three huge bundles and the mode largely sight unseen.