With the mini-set (finally) upon us, we've got a selection of theorycrafted decks to take out on the ladder (or Casual, we're not judging) that it won't break the bank to put together. Take a gander at our gander of bird-based decks, or try your luck with the new strain of Big Demon Hunter.

Birds Go Boom

Leatherworking Kit and Wolpertinger generate a formidable card draw engine, but what are they drawing towards? This deck provides one answer with the Big Tonk Energy of Monstrous Parrot repeating the Deathrattle of Darkmoon Tonk as many times as it takes to kill your opponent. Devouring Swarm, Selective Breeder, and Northshire Farmer work to give us extra Birds (or other Beasts). It'll be like deja vu all over again.

Big Spell Birds

Grand Finale decks have seen some success thanks to Hot Streak, but Deadmines gives it a couple of extra tools to play with. First is Deepwater Evoker, who can fish out your Finale and give you extra survivability (or draw Hot Streak and give you nothing). Then, we also have Grey Sage Parrot, who will cast additional copies of Grand Finale if the first Finale wasn't grand enough. It'll be like deja vu all over again.

Battlecry Birds

A slight twist on everyone's favorite deck of Elemental Shaman, we've added Brilliant Macaw to gain extra uses of Battlecries like that of Granite Forgeborn, Primal Dungeoneer, and Fire Elemental. Also, we went ahead and put in Suckerhook to trade up our weapons because what Elemental Shaman really needed was Gorehowl.

Bless These Birds

Handbuff Paladin can be a lot of fun, and Sunwing Squawker gives it some extra value generation by recurring the effects of spells like Hand of A'dal, Noble Mount, and Blessing of Authority. While we don't get to play with the big boys because we're on a budget, we can still make do with our birds.

Shady Shipment Slingers

Now would be a heckuva time for Demon Zoo to make its grand reappearance in Standard, and thanks to Wicked Shipment it might actually be ready for prime time. The Shipment gives the deck a cheap way to flood the board and take advantage of the buff from Shady Bartender. The deck also has some early game plays, and could benefit from the tempo swing of Shadowblade Slinger controlling the board at the low, low cost of some of our Health.

Big Demon Hunter Proves Itself

Proving Grounds is an interesting spell, and in the right deck can be Gather Your Party on steroids. For your consideration, we believe this list (the one below) to be just such a deck, smashing together Burning Blade Acolyte, Plagued Protodrake, Scrapyard Colossus, and Coilfang Warlord with more enthusiasm than a toddler playing with his brother's action figures.

Too Many Boars

Elwynn Boar was this expansion's free Rewards Track Epic, and if you've already picked up your copies you can try out this Rogue deck that tries to copy the Boar with Northshire Farmer (and some Shadowstep shenanigans), to get Sword of a Thousand Truths online in a (relative) hurry. Blackwater Cutlass is a cheap weapon that can also serve to make some of our spells cheaper, while Multicaster can draw cards thanks to spells like Brain Freeze, Paralytic Poison, and Shroud of Concealment. While the deck doesn't figure to be a powerhouse, that doesn't mean we can't have fun trying to get it to work.

What do you think about all of our beautiful birds? Are you brave enough to try out some of these decks? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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