On October 8 we're getting a huge change-up in Standard with the start of the "Doom in the Tomb" Hearthstone event. 23 cards are temporarily moving from Wild into Standard for 2 months!

With it coming out tomorrow, we thought we'd highlight just a few decks that have been theorycrafted by RegisKillbin to get your mind thinking about the potential of these new cards. Check out the decks and a video below before Doom in the Tomb arrives on October 8. We'll be highlighting decks as we find awesome ones to share with you after the event goes live, so stay tuned to the front page!

Do you have any ideas for new decks for the event? Add them to Out of Cards in our deckbuilder and share them with us in the comments below. Do note that these decks will currently flag as Wild. We're waiting for the patch to hit before we make changes to have them show up as Standard, so don't panic!

Tempo Mage

N'Zoth Control Priest

Secret Paladin

Evolve Shaman

OTK Priest