The Deadmines mini-set is almost upon us, but it's dangerous to go alone. Take these community theorycraft decks with you to defend yourself from the incoming Pirate meta.

FunkiMonki's Deck of Chaos

Warlock's new Pirate Hullbreaker can be used to effectively (and on-curve) tutor the meme-tastic Deck of Chaos for all your minion-cheating needs. This deck runs big minions galore, hoping to get some sweet, sweet Chaos going to overwhelm the opponent.

Webz' Murloc Shaman

Cookie the Cook is Shaman's new Legendary, and seems to fit the most neatly into a Murloc deck. This theorycrafted deck also runs Shaman's new Brilliant Macaw to recur the Battlecries of Coldlight Seer, Felfin Navigator, or Instructor Fireheart.

CaptainKaulu's Leper/Needle Priest

Did someone say Pirate Priest? Thanks to the Deadmines and Mr. Smite, every class is a Pirate class. This take on Shadow/Aggro Priest eschews the early-game power of a Darkbishop Benedictus activation to run Shadowform as more gas for Shadowcloth Needle and Defias Leper to kill its opponent with Shadow spells (and also Mr. Smite).

Zeratia's Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Deathrattle Demon Hunter isn't going anywhere. This list takes the archetype back to a N'Zoth focused finishing play to resurrect Mr. Smite and Circus Amalgam who, along with Illidari Inquisitor, give the deck a final punch that should be hard to come back from.

Clank1999's Beast Hunter

You might think that a deck called Beast Hunter wouldn't run the Pirate Mr. Smite, but you'd be wrong. Thanks to Defias Blastfisher, this Beast deck has plenty of reasons to run more Pirates, but the true heart of the deck is Monstrous Parrot and its ability to repeat the Deathrattles of Bloated Python, or, if you favor a long game, Zixor, Apex Predator.

Webz' Mr. Miracle Rogue

Webz recalls the Classic days of Miracle Rogues that combined Cold Blood and Leeroy Jenkins for massive amounts of Charge damage, and figures that Mr. Smite, with the help of Nitroboost Poison, Battleground Battlemaster, and the Cost reduction of Efficient Octo-bot and Blackwater Cutlass, can make an old OTK new again.

Etrana's OTK Warrior

One more Mr. Smite OTK before we let you go, this time in Warrior. Etrana figures that, so long as no one is running weapon removal, you can get a lot of damage headed in the direction of your opponent's face by playing Gorehowl followed up the next turn by Mr. Smite and two copies of Bloodsail Raider for 24 damage (31, if you include a Gorehowl swing).

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Wild Bonus: Swizard's Colossal Communion Druid

Swizard is a well-known Wild tinkerer, and this deck built to use Astral Communion to get lots of mana quickly, then draw big minions with Varian, King of Stormwind is every Timmy's dream. We've included it here as one of the few decks to take a chance on the overlooked Goliath, Sneed's Masterpiece. It's worth a click: Swizard has put together an in-depth guide for anyone who wants to try it out.

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Have your own ideas for theorycrafted Deadmines decks? Create and share them with our deckbuilder. Don't forget to include a guide!