Greetings and welcome to the first Duels meta report post-Deadmines.

Patch 21.6 not only brought us 35 new cards to play with, but also more than 20 balance changes to Passive Treasures and, last but not least, Diablo has come to Duels as the first ever Dual-class hero, sharing the card pool of both Warlock and Warrior, as well as unique Hero Power and Signature Treasures that you can unlock as you play!

With this many changes, there's no way that the Duels meta will stay the same, and we're here to tell you exactly how things are going! As usual, here below you'll find a handful of 12-win decks achieved with multiple classes, which may give you the inspiration you need to get one yourself. Have fun!

Disclaimer: some decks in this article were collected from Firestone. You can find out more about Firestone and install the app here!

Also, remember that, as Hearthstone Developer Daniel Duffin stated a few days ago, there isn't currently a way to extract deck codes for Diablo, so if you see something in this article that you like, you'll unfortunately have to create your starting deck the old way - one card at time.

Quote From Daniel Duffin

As of right now there is no officially supported way to extract Deck Codes for Diablo.

In case you missed them, we published other collections of 12-win Duels starting decks to take inspiration from!

If you've had 12 win luck in Duels since the recent balance changes, be sure to add your starting decks to our site via the deckbuilder and share them in the comments below!

Moreover, if you manage to find even more 12-wins decks (maybe even your own!) and you'd like us to showcase them, please contact us on Twitter at @OutOfCardsHS or @Avalon_OOC or through an in-site ping in Private Message.

AgentCroque's 12 Wins Big Diablo

Let's start off with what everyone's looking for: Diablo decks, and we've got two of them. The first one is brought us by AgentCroque, who decided to explore Diablo's third Hero Power, Doom Charge.

Croque stated that his run started out quite poorly (1-2), but the combination of Rocket Backpacks (more proactivity to a rather heavy deck) and Scepter of Summoning (making your top end a little less expensive, allowing your hand to be more manageable and to be dropped sooner) allowed him to pop off and locking his enemies out of the board after turn 5.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Rocket Backpacks

Second pool - Scepter of Summoning

Doom Charge Card Image Fire Stomp Card Image

Avalon's 12 Wins Pirate Diablo

The second one comes from nobody less than my humble self. I wanted to hit 12 wins with Diablo very badly just to provide some options in this meta report, and fortunately for me I was able to achieve what I wished.

However, there aren't many good news behind my result. Why? I'll cut it short: this deck is bad and you have no reasons to play it over Pirate Bruising Warrior. In fact, Bruising is such a good Hero Power for board-based strategies and Primal Power has proven to be quite too expensive (and therefore not much impactful) for an aggressive deck: 3 mana are a lot.

However, the same cannot be said about Fire Stomp, one of the best Signature Treasures in the entire mode. Everything of this card is outrageously good: one-sided AoE effect, that also hits the enemy hero, and healing for both hit and killed units. The fact that it also counters Mindrender Illucia's Shadow Word: Void is an upside you should definitely take into account.

Talking about the actual starting deck, play as many Pirates as you can, go through each Raid the Docks step and eventually win the game with The Juggernaut's infinite value generation. Getting to 12 wins even without the best possible options goes to show you how good the Pirate synergy is right now.

As you will also read below, the new Pirates released in the Deadmines mini set esponentially increased the archetype's power level:

  • Defias Cannoneer is nutty: 4 damage every time you attack helps a ton.
  • Mr. Smite is a 6 damage burst tool from hand that transforms any other Pirate into a threat for your opponent (especially Bloodsail Raider).
  • Shadowblade Slinger has synergy with all the weapon swings you do and with Primal Power, while also being cheap material for your Questline progression.

Sure, getting a bucket made of 3 Patches the Pirate helped quite a lot in many games, especially when followed up by Southsea Captain.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Battle Totem

Primal Power Card Image Fire Stomp Card Image

Dsorrow's 12 Wins Clown Druid

For every new deck, there's also one that remains the same. This is the case of Clown Druid, which showcases no Deadmines cards and just one United in Stormwind in Best in Shell.

As usual, your game plan is pressing the Invigorating Bloom button as frequently as possible, reducing your high-cost cards and choking your opponent out of the game with sheer stats.

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End being a top-end win condition besides your Clowns gives you that kind of twist that many players desperately look for.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Plaguebringer

Second pool - Endurance Training

Invigorating Bloom Card Image Awakened Ancient Card Image

kou_2b2948's 12 Wins Discover Deathrattle Hunter

Monstrous Parrot is an obvious and very powerful inclusion into Deathrattle Hunter, and it appears that kou_2b2948 was on the same page. To be precise, this player too the already strong Discover Staking A Claim archetype and slotted Parrot in it as a way to replicate either your Discover Battlecries for more value or Deathstrider for absolutely disgusting shenanigans, especially when you're deep in your run.

Remember that, being a Beast, Monstrous Parrot can also be duplicated by Selective Breeder for multiple copies in a single game!

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Battle Totem

Death Games Card Image Deathstrider Card Image

Chrome575's 12 Wins Dragon Priest

New patch, new meta, same old deck with no new card at all. Patch 21.6 didn't change Dragon Priest, which was and remains a really powerful archetype, especially if you manage to get the right Passive Treasures to support it.

While chrome went for the old reliable Dragon Affinity/Battle Totem combo, we'd be interested to see if Dragonblood could be a valid alternative for the deck, especially now that it's bug-free.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Dragon Affinity

Second pool - Battle Totem

Shadow Mend Card Image Herald of the Scaled Ones Card Image

Kwareon's 12 Wins Spell Rogue

Getting remarkable results with Rogue is difficult nowadays: the class currently seems to be in a very awkward position, where it isn't able to do anything that another class doesn't do better. However, Kwareon knows how to hit the good Passives and proceeded to accomplish an almost flawless run with Spell Rogue.

[Hearthstone Card (Ooops, all spells!) Not Found] got recently nerfed and lost its +2 Spell Damage, but decks like this shows us that it can still lead to great performances, especially with Robe of the Apprentice to compensate the aforementioned loss.

Garrote is as good in Duels as it is in Standard, and Ace in the Hole is what makes your miracle turns pop off really hard: dumping your entire hand in a single turn and being able to get it back in the following turn for the humble price of 3 mana is extremely good in a burn-focused archetype.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Robe of the Apprentice

Second pool - [Hearthstone Card (Ooops, all spells!) Not Found]

Roguish Maneuvers Card Image Ace in the Hole Card Image

Dsorrow's 12 Wins Elemental Shaman

Although remarkably toned down in order to avoid part of the mana cheat it previously got us used to, the Battlecry synergy is back, and with it all the archetypes that heavily relied on it in order to succeed. Elemental Shaman is the prime example of what we're talking about, and Dsorrow was able to get to 12 wins just a few hours after patch 21.6, showing us how the ATN/RTT combo was vital for Instructor Fireheart.

The starting deck doesn't leave much to imagination, as it's basically returned to the usual build: the only unusual inclusion is Auctionhouse Gavel, probably included to diminish the Passives' cost cap.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Rally the Troops

Ferocious Flurry Card Image Tempest's Fury Card Image

LessThanThree's 12 Wins Murloc Shaman

Elementals weren't the only Shaman archetype to have gained benefit from the most recent balance patch: in fact, Murlocs were also waiting for some love.

This particular run, which also showcases the new Cookie the Cook ("probably isn't optimal", says the player), gains advantage of Small Backpacks, the beefed up version of Small Pouches introduced just a few days ago: having two more cards in your starting hand every single game gives you quite the edge on your opponent, especially for an aggressive deck like Murloc Shaman.

Meek Mastery is another great Passive for this archetype, as most Murlocs are Neutrals: even if you won't be able to discount them below 2 mana (at least for those which cost more than that), the +1/+1 buff will still pack quite the punch.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Small Backpacks

Second pool - Meek Mastery

Ferocious Flurry Card Image Payload Totem Specialist Card Image

Chrome575's 12 Wins Pirate Warrior

If Pirates are enough to make Diablo successful in Duels, just think about much the real Pirate class is stronger now. In fact, the new (and very powerful) Pirates not only increase the average quality of the Pirates you include in your starting deck and you receive from The Juggernaut, but also the quality of those which get offered in the post-match buckets.

Add this to the fact that the Battlecry synergy is back, and you get an explosive mixture to crush your opponents with.

Notable inclusion in this starting list is Whetstone Hatchet, preferred by chrome575 over the traditional Outrider's Axe, with the goal (at least we presume so) to leave more mana to playing Pirates while still retaining the Weapon synergy that makes units like Fogsail Freebooter and especially the new Defias Cannoneer so good.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Rally the Troops

Bruising Card Image Scrapmetal Demolitionist Card Image

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