The Chrome Crusaders and the Rusted Raiders are here! Blizzard has added two new bundles to the in-game shop, each with a card back, and contain 5 different hero skins.

The skins are also available for purchase individually, though Steel Guardian Malfurion and Infernal Armor Illidan must be purchased with their associated Chrome Crusaders or Rusted Raiders card backs so they are a bit more expensive - fitting that the brothers get the card backs.

  • The bundles are each $29.99 USD.
  • Individual skins are $6.99 USD.
  • The individual skins are $9.99 USD if they come with a card back (Malfurion & Illidan).

The bundles, and skins, are available through December 6, 2021.

The Chrome Crusaders

  • Holy Leviathan Anduin
  • Star Ascendant Uther
  • Arcane Sentinel Jaina
  • Titanblade Valeera
  • Steel Guardian Malfurion
  • Chrome Crusaders Card Back

The Rusted Raiders

  • Infernal Armor Illidan
  • Fel Colossus Gul'dan
  • Forge-wrought Garrosh
  • Mechaconduit Thrall
  • Iron Hunter Rexxar
  • Rusted Raiders Card Back