Doom in the Tomb has been out for a couple of days and we've seen lots of fun new decks featuring the old wild cards that got reintroduced to standard.

We've compiled some decks from players you may recognize that we think will be fun to play on the standard ladder. Is there something awesome you've created for Doom in the Tomb? Add it to the site via our deckbuilder and share it in the comments below!

Deathrattle Rogue by BoarControl

Highlander Secret Paladin by Dekkster

Highlander Deathrattle Hunter by J4CKIECHAN

Tempo N'Zoth Warlock by Levik

Highlander Spell Hunter by RDU

Deathrattle Priest by Furyhunter

Evolve Shaman by Viper

Mecha'thun Warrior by Sonagi