A new Legendary Paladin card has been revealed by WalkTone - Saidan the Scarlet!

Saidan the Scarlet Card Image

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Quote From WalkTone

<SaiSai's Bizarre Adventure>

Singing: BoShen
Lyrics: WalkTone
Music: Artnerdgames

This is Saidan, and I was legend a long long time ago.
I was the paladin leader, Lord Commander.
I had three brothers, all more popular than me amongst others.
Shame that one got stabbed and one disappeared.
In the end, I was possessed by the dreadlord. If I could go back once more…
I would have stormed to Alterac to fight the Horde, the Horde! (The Horde! The Horde!)

The Scarlet Crusade was mine to lead.
Whenever I am blessed by the Light, my alliance gains twice the might.

It’s no dream to time travel. I have come to Alterac for battle.
I stand in defiance and chant for the Alliance! The Alliance! The Alliance! The Alliance!

The blizzard is calling for a hero like me. Three-Mana, two-Attack, I fearlessly charge in.
Eight and eight is sixteen. A hit in your face to shatter your esteem.
This new paladin legend is a mad dog. I have a dream to become the golden wind.
I reject my humanity, The World. My roar alone makes the world crumble.

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