Dean "Iksar" Ayala has commented on internal playtesting for Battlegrounds that is evaluating if changes are needed to the damage seen in the game.

Here's what Dean says they are looking to internally playtest soon and have already looked at with "mixed feedback".

  • Incoming Playtest: Instead of damage scaling by the card's Tavern Tier, their damage would be set to 1 for all tiers.
  • Playtested: Variable health scaling for heroes that are lower-powered.

Being on the receiving end of some particularly bad RNG in Battlegrounds in the past, I can safely say I'd love to see how games would feel if minions were only doing 1 damage apiece. It would definitely remove some of the feel-good value later on in the game when you can establish a couple of 6-star units since you wouldn't be hitting people very hard, but it might be a worthy sacrifice if everyone can feel better about the game; It may also lead to some different strategies which is an interesting thought.

What do you think of the above potential changes? That isn't to say both are going to arrive together or at all, but how do you feel about the situation where you get smacked in the face mid-game for the majority of your health? Do you think Battlegrounds needs some changes? Let us know in the comments below!

Quote From Dean Ayala

Slightly off topic, but can I ask your thoughts about the damage levels in the game currently? Being hit for 22 damage mid-game as the third strongest in the lobby because you matched up with someone who power spiked is awful - hell being hit for a quarter of your health by someone who had crowd favourite & another 3 drop survive on 1hp on tavern 4 is awful.

I know battlegrounds is intended to be faster paced than most auto-battlers, but have there been experiements with changes such as all minions do 1 less damage to see how it plays out? I think a lot of the fun is scaling into a late game build and how you transition that, rather than just trying to hold on for dear life through turns 7-10, praying you don't come against the two snowballing guys, and hoping you can hit something in the meantime.

We are planning to playtest soon with hero level + 1 damage per card with some hero health adjustment to see how it feels. Unrelated, we have also been playtesting with a variable health system that boosts lower powered heroes by a small range of health. You might have to choose between a 47 health galakrond or a 40 health rafaam and maybe that is interesting. It’s gotten mixed feedback so far.